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Best Rehab Choice In Luxury Drug Rehab

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Recover From Addiction at Serenity Vista

Best Rehab: 60-Day Drug Rehab Luxury Program

How do I know which is the best rehab center to choose to recover from alcoholism or other addiction? It can be difficult to know what the best way is to combat alcohol & drug addiction. But drug addiction is a disease, and it’s best fought with the care and support you get with a world class recovery program at a best drug rehab center. But the problem is that most drug rehab facilities in the US and Canada only offer 30-day programs. In fact, most insurance will only cover up to 30 days. Click here to learn more about our United States rehab program. But having an extended stay program hugely increases the benefits of your drug rehab and its effect on your journey toward to recovery. Click here to learn more about our Florida rehab program.


60-Day Programs Drastically Decrease Chances of Relapse

But what does a 60-day program offer that a 30-day program doesn’t? Well, for one thing, you’ll have spent twice as long sober. That doubles your body’s time to cleanse from the drugs or alcohol. And research and studies have shown that a 60-day program of drug rehab drastically reduces the percentage of relapse among patients. Click here to learn more about our California rehab program.

Why 60 Days of Luxury Rehab in Panama?

But why 60 days of rehab in Panama? Most rehab facilities in America or Canada only offer 30-day stays that are affordable, which are not anywhere near as effective as 60-day stays. And by checking into Serenity Vista’s luxury rehab in the tropical paradise of Panama, you’re not only getting a better quality of care, you’re getting a much better value! In fact, on average the cost of a 60-day program of luxury rehab costs roughly as much as 30 days of basic drug rehab center in the Unites States or Canada! Click here to learn more about Serenity Vista’s Arizona rehab program.

An Amazing Value for Beautiful Caribbean Drug Rehab

Serenity Vista offers the highest-quality private luxury drug rehab, all located in the lush vacation destination of Panama. Our Caribbean luxury drug rehab center is not only affordable, but is highly effective. A 60-day program of drug rehab center is what you need to make the progress you need on your journey toward recovery.


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Best Rehab Luxury to Help You in Your Recovery Journey

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