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Addiction recovery happiness at Serenity Vista Drug Rehab

Happiness vs Pleasure

The meaning of true happiness can have a gross misunderstanding when it comes to  alcoholism and other forms of addiction. Many addicts chase pleasure. A belief develops that it will bring happiness. But pain rushes in quickly to fill the void when the pleasure is gone. Addicts chase pleasure in hopes of finding relief of pain and happiness. It’s a vicious cycle that is bound to repeat itself. Relief can be found in effective drug or alcoholism treatmentAddiction recovery happiness is different altogether.

Effective addiction recovery can wash away the pains and mistakes of addiction. Addiction recovery happiness is left to take their place. Negative emotions, worry, and other dark imaginings can consume our natural state of true happiness.  Many people – addicts and non addicts alike – carry harmful thoughts with them on a routine basis. This prevents their natural happiness from expressing itself.

There’s an old metaphor of the muddy pond. In its natural state, the water is clear and pure. But once the wind stirs and agitates it, the water becomes cloudy. In this same way, toxic craving, worry, anxiety, regret, and other negative states, can stir up  the addicted mind.  Removing the sources of agitation, enables the mind to find peace and true happiness.

True Happiness

If you ever meet someone who is  genuinely and truly happy, as in addiction recovery happiness, you will notice they do not harbor many negative thoughts or energy. Instead, they simply eliminate all the things that make them unhappy. They stop pursuing something external as a “source” of happiness. This is key to true happiness. In most cases, this means eliminating negative mental “stuff.” In other cases, it’s literal “stuff.” Happy people don’t necessarily have surplus money and a collection of affluent trappings do not always surround them. Sometimes they are, but quite often it’s the opposite; many live simply and thereby happily.

Addiction is impulse and hence entrapment. Addiction is suffering in the purest sense. It’s nearly impossible to achieve true and lasting happiness in active addiction.  Being an active addict always has suffering as the outcome, regardless of whether the addiction is to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, codependency or other behaviors.

Addiction Recovery Happiness

This is why committing to addiction treatment is essential. Everyone deserves true happiness. But unfortunately not everyone experiences it, especially addicts. At Serenity Vista, our programs change that drastically. We offer addicts a path to freedom, and a door to transformation and happiness. A path to true addiction recovery happiness.

Addiction recovery happiness is not the opposite of suffering. It’s the absence of it. It’s the elimination of things that cause suffering. In true addiction recovery, happiness is freedom. It’s the weightlessness that comes from a clean conscience. When living a life of purpose, free of immoral missteps and unbound by substance abuse, we can dwell in the sunlight and open air that is true happiness.

If you’ve fallen to addiction and catch yourself in an endless suffering cycle,  come find your true addiction recovery happiness at Serenity Vista!



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