How Distorted Thinking Traps You in Drug Addiction  

Sour Grapes

Addiction Makes Sour Grapes One of the most troubling aspects of alcohol or drug addiction is it can mean your own thoughts are working against you. This distorted thinking can make the unacceptable appear acceptable and the illogical appear logical. Recovery is all about identifying and eliminating these unhelpful patterns of thought. The addicted brain is a battleground between pro-addiction thoughts (thoughts that push you towards drinking and using) and pro-recovery thoughts (thoughts that help you stay sober) ~Harold Urschel (Healing and the Addicted Brain) Examples of Distorted Thinking I need to smoke a joint after work to relax I’ll give up alcohol when and  if things get bad enough I can’t be an alcoholic because I don’t drink as much as X I’m no fun if I don’t take some amphetamine before going to a club Life would be…

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Early Recovery and Compassion

Recovery takes Compassion

The Importance of Self-Compassion in Early Recovery   If we treated other people as badly as we treat ourselves sometimes, we probably wouldn’t have many friends – a few of us might even end up in jail because we were being so abusive. An inner soundtrack that is overly negative can threaten your sobriety and recovery because it reduces your motivation and enthusiasm. This is why it is so important to develop some self-compassion in early recovery. What is Self-Compassion? Our job is to look and say, “You know what? You’re imperfect, and you’re wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.  Brene Brown   Self-compassion is all about being kind to yourself. It is not about ignoring your flaws, but about loving yourself despite these flaws. All you are really doing is offering yourself the same level of compassion…

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Is Addiction Relapse a Failure?

Your cross to bear

Is Addiction Relapse a Failure? Addiction relapse. It’s an unfortunate occurrence during the lives of many alcoholics & addicts in and out of rehabilitation. If you are an addict, then you may have faced numerous relapses yourself. You say you are going to get sober, clean yourself up and perhaps, ‘kick the habit’. Then, sometimes only a few days later, you have given in, got drunk, got high. Then when the booze and drugs wear off you experience the ultimate low. It’s a crushing defeat isn’t it? The Real Problem with Addiction Relapse When an alcoholic or drug addict faces relapse, it may feel like you have let everyone down, that you have failed so enormously that you can’t possibly find your way back. The truth is, when you relapse, you do fail, and you do let everyone down. But ask yourself what…

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My Brother is an Addict

My Little Brother, The Drug Addict A common issue for many people, who love or know an addict, is their denial of it. Who wants to admit, ‘my brother is an addict’. Many times family and friends are blind to their loved one’s addiction. Brothers, in our society, are looked upon as people who ‘should’ be strong and fortified, with tolerance and respect. So if your brother is an addict, his addiction may be very hard to come to terms with. Perhaps there are times your brother comes home from a ‘days long drug run’ or a night of binge drinking at the bar, that you choose to turn a blind eye to. Your brother’s addiction may be something you either want to ignore, or, you may have so much respect for him, you are in complete denial with the…

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Change in Recovery

Change in Recovery Often the frequency and intensity of change makes life unbearable. We can often medicate that overwhelming feeling using drugs, alcohol, or other addictive behaviors as a way of turning away from facing life on life’s terms or change. The problem with turning away is change is still there. In fact, the more we attempted to medicate away change the more it ramps up its intensity to let us know it is not going away. Change is ferocious when we turn our back on it until we stop, and say no more. More than just stopping addictive substances or behaviors Recovery requires more than facing our physical addiction to alcohol, drug or behavior. It requires us to also deal with how we manage life and the changes that inevitably occur during and after the recovery process. Learning to…

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Why Travel to Panama for Addiction Treatment?

Why Should I Travel all the Way to Panama for Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Rehab? Choosing the right rehab to go to for treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction or other forms of addiction can be overwhelming. Today, there are many choices in most developed nations. Some are government funded, many are covered by insurance, and some are private pay. A few, such as Serenity Vista, are located in tropical, get-away destinations and offer specialized private programs. Inquiries come in from across the globe, from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe, and more commonly from Canada and the USA. For those that Panama in Central America is seen as a far off destination, we are sometimes asked, “Why should I travel all the way to Panama – what makes Serenity Vista unique and worth traveling to”. The…

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Is Tobacco Blocking Your Connection to Spirit?

Is Tobacco Blocking Your Connection to Spirit?   The Spiritual Path vs Nicotine In Native North American spiritual tradition, tobacco is a very sacred plant, used in ceremony and offered in gratitude for the gifts of the Earth. Nicotine, the most active component of the tobacco plant, is also one of the most highly addictive substances known to humankind. Nicotine addiction is harder for the majority of people to face than even cocaine, alcohol or heroin. The death rate of nicotine addiction is higher than all other addictions, including motor vehicle accidents, homicides, suicides COMBINED. The highest single leading cause of preventable death in the world is the use of nicotine.  But looking at statistics are only an intellectual exercise in the face of an individual’s personal experience. Is Nicotine Keeping You From a Spiritual Experience? Many people stop using…

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5 Powerful Spiritual Practices You Can Begin in Drug Rehab


5 Powerful Spiritual Practices You Can Begin in Rehab Spiritual practices are tools designed to help you grow and develop as a human. By using these approaches in recovery, it will strengthen your sobriety and provide you with a path to happiness. Here are 5 powerful spiritual practices that you will start to develop during your time in rehab. Letting Go Letting go means no longer carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. All you are expected to do is get up each day and try your best – if you plant enough positive karma seeds, they will ripen into something wonderful in your future. Your life is going to be far less stressful if you can let go of expectations and stop trying to micromanage the universe. Just focus on what you can change and trust the universe…

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What Is Self-Sabotage in Addiction Recovery?


Is Self-Sabotage Keeping You Trapped in Addiction? Those of us who are caught up in the midst of addiction will always have some explanation for why we are unable to escape this suffering. We may try to put the blame on society, our genes, or bad luck, but if we are honest, we have to also admit we are our own worst enemies. It is often self-sabotage that prevents us from moving forward towards a better life in sobriety. What is Self-Sabotage in Addiction Recovery? Self-sabotage occurs when your behavior gets in the way achieving your goals. There are many ways you can sabotage your own efforts but the most common would include: Procrastination (e.g. I’ll get sober later) Self-handicapping (see below) Negative thinking – i.e. preparing for failure even before you have started Over-thinking a situation Giving up when…

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