Addictions and Your Cross to Bear

Your cross to bear

Addictions and Your Cross to Bear   Two little stories contain some spiritual truths that can help the addict or alcoholic look at the way they are living their lives. If you think that your troubles are worse than anyone else’s you will remain in self-pity. Tip: “Poor me. Poor me. Pour me a drink”. Self-pity, which is always combined with resentments of some kind, kills. In order to stay sober you really need to look at this. Having a “cross to bear” may be a term that has lost significance in contemporary North America as we aren’t a primarily predominant Christian indoctrinated people anymore. But like a Zen Koan, or a First Nation story passed down through generations, there are rich truths to be mined from all spiritual tradition scriptures. For people of Christian faith the Passion of Christ…

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