Hiding Addiction

Tired of hiding addiction in the darkness?

From Hiding Addiction to Freedom of Recovery. Darkness To Light. Serenity Vista Drug Rehab

Hiding Addiction

Are you or  someone you love hiding in the shadows of drug addiction or alcoholism? If so, it’s destructively unhealthy – and unfortunately among alcoholics and addicts – hiding addiction is quite common.

Reasons to hide drinking or use of other drugs

Addicts engage in hiding behavior for a myriad of reasons. Quite often, they do it as a protective mechanism. Some addicts hide their problem out of pride, too proud or puffed up to admit their weakness. Others do it out of fear of shame, too embarrassed to expose their addiction to friends or family. They may worry that doing so could jeopardize their reputations, relationships, or careers. And yet often, equally as many addicts will hide their drinking or drug use for no other reason than to continue using their drug of choice. Whatever the reason, whether rational or not, this is the pull of addiction which drives both men and women, from all ages and every corner of the globe, into dark shadows.

Methods of Deception

The methods addicts use to hide their addictions are just as varied as their reasons. Addiction is a curious beast. It’s astonishing how readily an addict will employ immense talent, skill, and will to cover their tracks or manipulate situations. They can lie, cheat, and steal with the ease and precision to make even a career con man blush.

Enabling behavior

And people in active addiction rarely work alone. Aligning cleverly with enablers, they find protective circles to surround themselves with. Whatever their poison, they seek out individuals, groups, and movements that condone consumption but ignore abuse. Whatever it is, from craft beer culture to trendy nicotine vaping, once it’s socially acceptable, it’s easy to indulge in. Addicts exploit this fact expertly. From there, they withdraw deeply again into the shadows.

Move Into The Light of Recovery

At Serenity Vista, a world-class drug and alcohol rehab center, we believe a life in darkness is a life only half lived. And we encourage all drug addicts and alcoholics to step into the light. To be sure, for anyone first emerging from darkness, the light of sobriety is intensely bright in the beginning. For a long-time addict, having spent years in hiding, light is foreign. It can be downright scary for some. But as the scores of metaphors illuminate, there are angels in the light. There are helpers, saints, and saviors – and Serenity Vista is the perfect place to learn to love the light.

Professional help

At our private-pay Panamanian retreat, the sunshine cannot be outmatched. Beautiful golden rays of sunlight pour into lush floral canopies from early dawn to dusk.Come join us in paradise. Get sober in the beauty of the tropics and sandy beaches.

If drugs and alcohol cast shadows over your life, or someone you care about, we invite you to come to Serenity Vista to heal. The journey from darkness to sobriety is not without trials and tribulation. It requires strength and support. But we are here with both, ready to receive, and we will light the way.

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