Boquete, Chiriqui Province, Panama

When the globe was searched for the perfect place to establish a special place of healing from addiction, Boquete, Panama, stood out as being the best. The mountainous highland region of Boquete is famous for rainbows, flowers, birds, and coffee. The climate is a forever spring time.

Considered the get away jewel of Panama, home of many festive and colorful national and native celebrations, seldom does a month go by without one or more special parades, fairs, or other delightful day long events. Every aspect of Boquete, including its rich and diverse welcoming culture, central location of Panama, where the world meets, the idyllic climate, natural beauty, rich culture and strong recovery community all combine to create a special place of serenity and healing.

Attracting many tourists, the area is abundant with interesting and exciting eco outdoor adventure opportunities to experience the rich and diverse ecosystem of the pristine semi-mountanous region, tropical rain forests,  jungles, coffee plantations, and the world’s richest biodiversity. At Serenity Vista, the small intimate group of up to 6 guests enjoys expansive, beautiful gardens and streams. Weekly recreational outings provide additional opportunities to experience the varied abundance and diversity of the area.

The robust program guides guests on an exciting journey of discovery, recovery, and transformation. Immersed in Boquete’s healing infusion of spirit, guests grow in strength of body, mind, and spirit. Click here for map location.