Luxury Florida Rehab Center

Seek Sobriety at the Tropical Paradise of Panama


Affordable and Luxurious Addiction Treatment Abroad for Florida Rehab

Where can I go to get the best rehab for Florida? When you’re looking to make progress on your recovery, don’t just look at the rehab facilities located within Florida itself. Perhaps you have searched for Florida drug rehab, private rehab south Florida, or just drug addiction treatment, addiction treatment, or drug rehab treatment. There are many drug and alcohol treatment center options and it is confusing. But how to decide where to go to beat drug addiction if you live in Florida, or, if outside the state,considering a ‘Florida style’ rehab?

Getting away to a top quality private rehab at affordable cost may be your best choice. You can not only get the highest quality private luxury rehab, you can get away from all the stresses and temptations that exist for your life in Florida. And you can do it all with less! With just a short plane ride, you can be in a tropical paradise in Panama, enjoying warm air and beautiful mountains and rivers, while you focus on your recovery. And it’s all for less than rehab facilities in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, or St. Petersburg! Click here to learn how drug addiction effects your family.


Why Choose a Luxury Florida Rehab Center?

How can luxury rehab help me? Luxury rehab offers you the true comforts you need to enjoy your time in rehab. Weekly spa visits, massages, beautiful gardens and streams, gyms and exercise classes, and so much more! It’s like staying at a luxury tropical hotel. But not only do you get to enjoy the comforts that go along with a luxurious setting, you also get a better quality of care. Know your care-providers. At Serenity Vista, you will be among no more than a maximum of 5 other people, often 2 or 3. That means you will receive individualized care, allowing you to get down to deep core issues for real lasting change. Don’t just be another face in the crowd, like you would be at a basic rehab facility in Florida. Click here to learn more about addiction and recovery.

Can I Afford Luxury Rehab?

All this luxury sounds great, but who can afford it? You can! In fact, Serenity Vista offers a much better value than rehab you could find in Florida. Here’s one great example: just 30 days of basic rehab in Florida costs roughly the same as three months of top quality private rehab at Serenity Vista. That’s amazing! Rehab in Florida is three times as expensive, and that’s just for basic rehab—which doesn’t compare at all to the quality and indiviualization of the care and amenities you can find at Serenity Vista.

Easy to Get to / from Florida!

How do I get to Serenity Vista? Top quality private rehab in Panama is easier to get to than you might think. A flight from Florida takes only a few short hours, and you won’t even have to deal with jet-lag: Panama is only one hour behind Florida’s time zone. And the best part is the very reasonable cost which is a fraction of even basic rehab in Florida. See all inclusive costs here.

High Quality Private Rehab Abroad for Your Recovery Journey

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