Pay for Rehab with Cryptocurrency

Pay with Bitcoin

We accept payment with Bitcoin (BTC).

Serenity Vista offers 45, 70 and 90 day programs. Please note that all payments are subject to Serenity Vista PoliciesProgram option prices are shown in USD and for standard accommodation. Further detail is available on our Fees page

Choose your program duration for payment below (see technical note before payment selection)*:

45 day program

$14,850 plus 7% tax ($15,889.50):

70 day program

$23,100 plus 7% tax ($24,717):

90 day program

$29,700 plus 7% tax ($31,779):


Initial deposit

Use this option only if you choose to make an initial deposit toward a program. Initial deposits are welcomed. However, please note that final confirmation of your program and holding a bed for you will require completion of full payment. See policies.

*Technical note: the payment popup displays payment details at the converted usd:btc rate for 30 minutes. Within that time, initiate payment from your wallet. Provided that your wallet shows the payment as being in progress, disregard any time-out message from the pop-up. Various wallets and other factors affect speed of transaction completion. Your wallet will tell you when the transaction is complete. Following that, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided.

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