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Culinary Accommodation

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What If I Have Dietary Restrictions?

Do you or a loved one have specific dietary restrictions? Are you looking for a rehab facility that will respect your vegetarianism, your vegan diet, kosher needs, halal food, or any other restricted diet? Serenity Vista’s highly-skilled and experienced chef is an expert at providing exactly the food that you or loved one needs. Now drug rehab means you don’t have to give up on being vegan, vegetarian, kosher, halal, or pescatarian—or even going without eating. Food is a vital part of your life and your health, and that’s why Serenity Vista makes it a priority. Click here to read more about our culinary delights.

What If I Have Allergies?

Where can I go for drug rehab that accommodates my food allergies or sensitivities? Many rehab facilities in the US or Canada don’t cater to the dietary restrictions caused by food intolerances or allergies. We’re well-versed in avoiding all the common allergens, including the “Big-8” which included milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybean. Are you celiac? Do you have gluten intolerance? No problem. We’re here to make sure you get the nutrition you need. Click here to learn more about how food and nutrition is such an important part of your holistic health and well-being, as well as your recovery.

What makes for effective and high-quality rehab for your drug addiction or alcoholism? There are all kinds of factors to consider when deciding on what kind of drug or alcohol rehab facility fit the needs of yourself or a loved one. But there may be factors that you haven’t thought of. For example, have you thought about how important nutrition is to a good program of drug or alcohol rehab? It’s true. Nutrition is one the most basic needs of the body. By filling your body with healthy, nutritious food, you can help it cleanse itself of toxins, including drugs and alcohol. Food is one of the most basic needs, and so it should be a factor in your search for good rehab. Click here to learn more about how you can support a loved through addiction and recovery.

The Best Luxury Rehab Center?

Where can I go for the best in rehab for drug addiction or alcoholism? Serenity Vista offers not only the highest in quality, but also the best in value. Our incredible luxury rehab costs roughly one third of the average price of basic rehab in the US or Canada. Click here for all inclusive costs.