Program Elements

Fresh and Healthy Food for Your Recovery

Nutrition and regular meals often seem of little importance to someone in active addiction. Many people show up to rehab either underweight or overweight. Having regular meals with healthy food is an integral part of recovery. But regular and healthy are only the beginning.

Boquete and the surrounding areas produce most of Panama’s fruits and vegetables. The clean waters, mountain air and abundant sunshine grow great food. At any time you can see truckloads of oranges, bananas, plantains, potatoes and more, driving to market. And the markets are great, bringing food straight from the farmer to the table. And the fruits! Many fruits that are never or rarely seen in North American markets — strange and odd looking tropical fruit varieties —  delight, amuse and make wonderful shakes and liquados.

Our guests always look forward with gusto to meal times. Healthy food is prepared with attention and care and served family style. You can look forward to experiencing some Panamanian specialties as well as international favorites. At least once a week, we go out to dinner, to one of the many excellent restaurants in Boquete. Click here to learn more about how healthy nutrition can help you recover.

Disordered Eating? Where Healthy Food can Help

We believe that behavior that is described in the medical community as an “eating disorder” or “food addiction” responds similarly to our solution focus of other addictions to substances such as alcohol, other drugs, smoking, or other behaviors such as gambling. With acceptance of and surrender to the problem, we will help you shift focus to the solution. There is generally a huge sense of relief and hope for people who have been struggling with their relationship to food.

We will help you learn to ‘live in the solution’. There is hope, and, as with other addictions, freedom is possible. You will be supported and guided through this process, and you too can find freedom and balance in your life.

Experience a refreshingly new dietary vista! You will enjoy healthy, fresh, balanced meals, and we will work with you to do that inner work that brings acceptance, peace, joy, and hope.

Serenity Vista. A recovery and culinary paradise.

Click here to learn more about the nutritious meals and culinary accommodations of Serenity Vista.