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Meditation in Recovery From Addiction

Meditation in Recovery from Addiction as a Spiritual Practice

Meditation is a practice that is shared across centuries, cultures and geography by almost all peoples of the earth.  Although common for many Easterners, most people from Western cultures are somewhat unfamiliar with the practice. While meditation can be part of a religious or spiritual upbringing, most Westerners come to meditation as adults looking for a new way of life. Trying to live life on a spiritual basis, as prescribed in the 12 steps, exploring meditation can bring unprecedented peace of mind.

Exploring Different Techniques of Meditation in Recovery While at Serenity Vista

Your personal meditation in recovery from addiction practice can be as unique as you are, or it can be a formal technique shared by some of the largest populations of the world. Regardless of technique, style or format, the goal is a deep quiet stillness of the mind and openness of the heart.  At Serenity Vista you will experiment with different formats of meditation, facilitated by a spiritual counselor. A variety of meditation techniques are explored, such as different guided meditations, walking meditations, zazen and meditation on zen koans, creating mandalas, counting breaths,  lying in the hammock and making ensos – a Japanese practice. There are hundreds of thousands of ways to use meditation in recovery from addiction. Our hope for you at Serenity Vista is that one of the many meditation introductions resonates and beckons you for further exploration.  Meditation is a practice that never ends, the inner world always expanding for deeper travel.

Benefits of Meditation in Recovery from Addiction

The benefits of meditation are many. Often just being able to sit still is a difficult task, especially in early sobriety. Being still, learning to watch your thoughts and feelings come and go like ocean waves create a new awareness and understanding of who you really are. Once you can begin to detach from your active mind, there is infinite possibility for growth and change. The mindfulness of a meditation in recovery from addiction practice will spill into all areas of your life, and enhance your recovery practice.  Although the Steps are said to be in order for a reason, Step 11, prayer and meditation, is one step that we start right away.

Step 11 – Sought Through Prayer and Meditation

Recovery from the seemingly hopeless state of mind and body of addiction calls for as many tools as possible.   Meditation in recovery from addiction is just one more tool that you will learn about and practice during your addiction recovery treatment program at Serenity Vista.