Programs & Fees

Our Holistic Approach

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Your retreat will provide you with a comprehensive, holistic experience of living a healthy, balanced life. All aspects of your whole person — Mind, Body, and Spirit — have an opportunity to rejuvenate in the balance and harmony we provide in our luxury rehabilitation setting.

This is not a mental health institution that focuses on psycho social rehabilitation or psychotherapy. As a significant part of your recovery retreat, we provide extensive counselling and comprehensive holistic therapies that support you in your recovery and to achieve your goals in your life. Your dynamic full-life program will also include group sharing sessions, spiritual exploration, music, artistic expression, integrative coaching, drama therapy, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, massage and spa, and, of course, amazing meals. Our professional counselors and holistic practitioners will guide you through your journey of healing, self discovery, and rejuvenation.

Expressing your thoughts and feelings through holistic approaches such as drama therapy and artistic expression can be a new experience for many, and always a lot of fun.

Recreational Outdoor Adventure

In addition to traditional holistic therapies such as yoga and massage, you will experience weekly outdoor recreation and adventure in the world’s most beautiful tropical settings. Experience hiking in the rain forest, zip lining in the jungle canopy, horseback riding in the mountain highlands of Boquete, and visiting beautiful beaches in the Pacific among some of the world’s most magnificent tropical islands.

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