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Serenity Vista Program

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Therapy Rehab Programs

What makes Serenity Vista different from other rehab centers? When we say “luxury rehab,” we really mean it. Our luxury rehab programs offer the best in amenities to make your recovery experience absolutely comfortable and relaxing. You might even think of yourself as being on vacation instead of being in rehab! And we offer different lengths of stays to fit all your needs. When you’re at Serenity Vista, you won’t have to worry about anything. Our Caribbean luxury rehab can take care of everything for you. Click here to learn more about how to getting away can help your recovery.


How Long Are Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs?

What are the lengths of programs available at Serenity Vista? We offer several program lengths for your luxury rehab stay at Serenity Vista ranging from 30 to 90 days. The usual recommended basic program is 45 days. It has been shown to be more effective than the old standard of 30 days which is too short for many people to achieve effective and sustained recovery. Studies show that the longer the duration of rehab, the lower the relapse rates, and the greater the quality of life in recovery. We specialize in relapse prevention, Click here to see how. That’s why we begin with 45 days, to keep you more secure. Click here to learn about our 45-Day Rehab Program. 30 days is offered for those that simply can not get away for longer than one month but want a good solid introduction to recovery.


60-Day Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

And for even more added security in terms of relapse prevention, we offer 60 and 90 day stay programs. They’re specifically tailored to helping you make the most of your time in rehab. For our 60 day program, we offer two months of the highest quality of luxury rehab, helping you to break your addiction and begin to learn how to live in recovery. Click here to learn about our great 60-Day rehab program.


90-Day Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

And for the highest degree of extra help, and the best protection against relapse, we offer a 90-day stay program. This is really the ideal length for a stay in rehab. By staying longer, you give yourself more time to learn to live without drugs. By the time you leave, drug dependency will be a distant memory! Beat alcoholism and drug addiction for good with our 90-Day rehab program and learn more about out free air-fare option.


What Are the Amenities I Can Expect at Serenity Vista’s Luxury Rehab?

And while you’re planning your stay in our luxury rehab facility, it helps to know what we offer. Serenity Vista has truly the highest quality in rehab facilities and staff. And we offer the kinds of amenities and comforts that’ll make you think you’re on a tropical getaway vacation instead of a stay in rehab. These amenities include:


Fresh and Healthy Foods for Recovery

nutrional rehab program

At Serenity Vista, you will become mindful of every lovingly prepared bite. Sharing a meal becomes a celebration of life itself. The reason we focus so much on providing you with a great nutritional plan is because a healthy body helps with overcoming your drug and alcohol addiction problem. Have any dietary issues? Not a problem, Click here to learn how we can accommodate anyone with their dietary needs. Click here to learn more about our nutritional program can help you.

Outdoor Eco Adventures

Outdoor rehab program

Rekindle old skills or challenge yourself to new adventures abundantly available to Serenity Vista. Appreciate some of the worlds best surfing, sailing, hiking, rock climbing… more info…

Sailing Decision

Sailing Therapy at Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat in Panama

Live your dream! Go sailing on Decision, a magnificent Beneteau sailboat. Enjoy the tropical Pacific. Be adventurous… more info…


holistic rehab

Enjoy or be introduced to yoga as another form of healing mind, body and spirit… more info…


meditation rehab program

Being on a spiritual retreat, with other like-minded and sober people, is the perfect place to improve your conscious contact with your Higher Power and your Inner Spirit. Nourish your soul at Serenity Vista… more info…

Massage Therapy

massage rehab therapy

Massage is one way of getting back in touch with your body, and enjoying the natural benefits of healthy personal contact… more info…

Canine Therapy

pet therapy

Our dog, Ceiba, works wonders. She loves her job, and it’s a very important one. Having a joyous dog around cannot help but pull a sad or upset person out of themselves… more info…

Creative and Artistic Expression

holistic addiction treatment

At Serenity Vista you have abundant opportunity to find healthy ways to express your emotions… more info…

Musical Expression

musical rehab program

You will have the opportunity to participate in Serenity Vista’s unique form of musical expression that will enrich your life and make your soul sing…  more info…

Spiritual Exploration

holistic drug rehab

From the magnificent sunrises you will experience over coffee to the glorious sunsets, and all the adventures in between, the splendor and joy of Creation and Life are impossible to miss here… more info…

Private 1 to 1 Counseling

private addiction treatment

Clouded confused thinking will clear and crystallize. You will feel understood, relieved, and excited about newly seen opportunities… more info…

Group Processing

group addiction treatment

The process can be simply life changing. You will have the opportunity to work through small or large issues that surface… more info…

Codependency Recovery

codepency treatment program

You will process and let go of past hurts, stop worrying about the future, and learn skills for living life, YOUR life, in this moment, to your fullest. And you will have FUN too… more info…

Self assess whether you are codependent.

Learning to Live Life in Recovery

addiction therapy

We will teach you the basics of recovery and relapse prevention. You will begin to feel on top of the world. You will have the best sleeps of your life. Your energy, passion, and strength will return… more info…

Facing Nicotine Addiction

quit smoking program

If nicotine use is or has been an issue for you, you will experience our unique blend of understanding and encorporating the 12 Step program of Nicotine Anonymous with the tremendous emotional and spiritual support of Serenity Vista… more info…

Step Work

steps of rehab

‘You alone can do them, but you can’t do them alone’. You will receive insightful guidance with your step work at Serenity Vista… more info…

Twelve Step Meetings and Fellowship

Boquete AA Meeting

Twelve step philosophy and attending local meetings are encorporated as part of your program at Serenity Vista… more info…

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