Scared of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment!

Afraid of Addiction Treatment?

View is great in recovery

I Went Anyway, and am so Glad I Did!

You’re at the spot in your addiction that you just can’t take it anymore. You are scared of drug treatment, but you can’t take the life threatening situations that putting harmful substances into your body gives. You are looking for a new way of life, but you’re scared of alcohol or drug treatment. Many people want to get better but don’t know how. Addiction rehab treatment is an option—maybe the best option—but you are terrified of walking through the front doors. You ask yourself, “Am I really an addict? Am I an alcoholic? Am I ready for drug treatment?” You contemplate your surroundings during addiction. You debate with the end results that they could bring: “Jails, institutions or something worse…

You tell yourself, “I want to change, but I’m really afraid.” A piece of professional advice is,

The one thing more terrifying than changing during addiction, is to change nothing at all.

Getting and staying sober in recovery can be seen as a positive leap forward. But if you’re stuck in active addiction and scared of drug treatment, you may be unsure if you’re ready for change at all. The key component to this philosophy is that, if you stay in your old ways and don’t change, then that sobriety may never come. This is why many programs offer the ideas of working on yourself as a resolution to this “change” philosophy.

The Leap of Faith Into Change

Imagine yourself standing at the top of a peaked mountain, ready to glide down a wonderful zip-line here in Panama; one of the many things offered from Serenity Vista. You walk up to the top of line and you are harnessed in. Stepping off the ridge is the one thing holding your spiritual awakening back.

Walking through the doors of treatment can be seen as taking this leap of faith. By stepping off the high platform guided by a zip-line into a new life you begin to work on yourself.

You’re now gliding off atop the mountain to the glowing scenery below. The scenery seems so far away. At first so did your recovery. But, as you take that first step and start your journey, you may feel it is fast and streaming full of emotions. This isn’t a bad thing. This could be the change you’ve always needed!

The zip-line continues to roar past all of the beauty below. Your recovery is growing closer as soon as you stepped through the doors of treatment, like taking faith in the friendly zip-line. You trust it like the harness holding you. It is a safety net; your safety net. It is a safety net provided to you in our luxury rehab setting.

The View From Recovery is Breathtaking

Gliding through the air you start to feel more, you see more, and you experience more than you ever have before. The world is starting to make sense. You’re now moving through the process of recovery with the safety of treatment. You were once scared of drug treatment, but now the quarrel has turned to calm.

Finally opening your eyes and letting the scents of the greens and flowers flare up your nostrils you can see how near you’ve been to recovery this entire time. It just takes a leap of faith. Faith that treatment provides, faith that you have in yourself after walking through those doors of your first treatment center. “I’m already very proud of you!”

You were once scared. Can you remember that? But now that seems such a distant past. The problems are now getting behind you through therapeutic relief, but your journey isn’t done yet.

Halfway through the zip-line you start to feel comfortable. You’re comfortable in your surroundings, but are now overjoyed with the decision you’ve made. This isn’t a high (although you’re above the ground). It is pure bliss.

You’re not scared of flying down over the beautifully natural scene. This scene is soon to be called your recovery. “Simply gorgeous.” You must be content and happy to call this a natural scene. A scene that is substance free! Treatment has granted you back your freedom and originality.

You’re now able to be free from the temptations, while the safety net (your harness) of treatment (zip-line) guides you closer to the destination: “Recovery.” You are free from substances. While working upon yourself, and breathing in the beauty of a new life you begin to gain traction against the ground.

Serenity Vista outing to Isla Gamez

You Have More Courage Than You Think

Life is tough. Scared of drug treatment. But I'm toughter

The zip-line starts to slow and it all starts to make sense now. You are free from the addictive substances. Now you’re working on making this beauty everlasting. The zip-line is a leap of faith, as walking through those doors to treatment may be. But, only through seeing this you know now that you are strong! You were once scared to go to rehab, but now are stronger than you’ve ever been.

The irony is that alcohol and drugs once gave the illusion of power. But when we surrender to the problem and ask for help, you become empowered to recover. We call that ‘Surrender to Win!‘ Treatment can therefore make you truly strong if you are willing and open minded to it’s powerful healing abilities. You are so very strong and so very capable. You may be scared of drug treatment, but you will be so grateful you took the leap of faith, a leap that all starts with getting honest.

Recovery Experiences Through Recreation in Rehab

Why travel to Panama for drug rehab? Here at Serenity Vista international alcohol & drug addiction treatment, we offer the ultimate in privacy, individual attention, luxuries and holistic therapies that many other alcoholism and other addiction treatment centers do not. We offer exclusive zip-lining experiences along with our luxury treatment program. We’d love for you to take this journey with us. We can guide you to a safer place. A place to call your own. A place of your own recovery. Where lives change!

Join us and embrace zip-lining into your new found life, sober, joyful and drug free. When you surrender and get the help you need and deserve, you are truly strong and free!

John Derry ziplining on Serenity Vista recreation outing

Embrace Change to Discover Your New Life

It’s been wisely said that “if nothing changes, nothing changes”. However, by chosing to go to rehab, you are opening yourself to change. To new possibilities. To self discovery and an openess to a new life, a fresh start.

What an exciting proposition! Turning your worst nightmare into a beautiful new dream. It may sound dramatic and unrealistic, but we see this miraculous transformation all the time at Serenity Vista.

Is this your time? All you need to do is reach out for help. We will guide you every step of the way.

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