30 Day Rehab vs Extended Rehab Programs

30 Day Rehab is Not Enough

I Want a 30 Day Rehab Program This is part of a correspondence with a potential guest wanting a 30 day rehab program. While a 30 day rehab program may be more palatable, it is not nearly as effective as a longer program. Read our actual email response: Dear __________, Thanks for sending in the Admission Inquiry Form last evening. It seems like Serenity Vista would be an excellent fit for your needs. We offer a full, professional treatment team, holistic therapies, and adventure recreation. Panama offers a plethora of opportunities for fun! You describe being able to stop your drug use for days or weeks at a time, but always end up going back and starting again. Staying stopped, for good, is what we will help you with. Your experience shows that you are able to safely stop your use…

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Researching Rehabs

Researching Rehabs to Find Your Best Fit Are you or someone you love considering entering a rehab for addiction to alcohol, nicotine or other drugs? If you or someone close to you is suffering from a drug or behavioural or mental health issue like depression or anxiety, understand that untreated, things will probably get worse. Addiction is not a disease that can be treated in isolation. Addiction recovery rehabilitation is the best bet for healing and health. So, you have decided to get professional treatment, now what? Researching rehabs is often at the top of the list. How do I find the right treatment facility? There are many factors to consider when researching rehabs to find the best, affordable, alcohol treatment, nicotine or other drug addiction rehab facility. We’ll examine a few. Investment Costs for Recovery One of the biggest concerns…

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