Winter Blues? Sad? Struggling with Addiction?

Hibiscus flower at drug rehab

Struggling with Addiction this Winter? It’s dark in the morning and dark in the afternoon. The holidays are over and spring is way off in the far too-distant future. It’s cold. This is the season when depression sets in deep. As if compulsive drug use, drug addiction, drinking alcohol and alcoholism aren’t difficult enough, this time of year makes struggling with addiction extra unbearable. Winter blues (or seasonal affective disorder, SAD), pill taking, depression, alcoholic drinking and addiction often go hand in hand. This is also an especially trying time for anyone in recovery to be prone to relapse. Dark and cold days give way to long and icy nights. For anyone recovering or suffering from alcoholism or other addiction, this time of year is fraught with the temptation to try to escape with drugs and alcohol. If this sounds familiar…

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Joining My Son in Rehab

son in rehab letting go

Inquiry from Father: Can I come to support my son in rehab? Dear Serenity Vista, My 35-year-old son was just fired from his prestigious job because of his drinking. He has been struggling with alcohol for years. Now he has lost his job and his wife at the same time as a consequence of his alcoholism. He needs help! I’ve been searching online worldwide for the best international addiction treatment center because I am willing to help my son in rehab anywhere. Your program is impressive and I am recommending he come to Panama and attend Serenity Vista. He says he is willing to come. It sounds strange, but I am grateful and relieved that I will have my son in rehab. To help him feel comfortable with this change, I plan to rent an apartment in Boquete for the duration…

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Travel the Road to the Best Addiction Recovery

Your Road to the Best Addiction Recovery in tropical Panama at Serenity Vista international private rehab

TRAVEL THE ROAD TO THE BEST ADDICTION RECOVERY Travel brings power and love back into your life.― Rumi Your travels can lead to the best addiction recovery. Volumes have been written about the draw and benefits of travel. People from all walks of life and every corner of the world are all equally inspired and awed by the new experiences travel affords them. Far-off trips to magic lands refresh our viewpoints. New people, just like new places, have the power to renew our perspectives. Coincidentally, the best addiction recovery is all about perspective. In fact, if you compare travel to the best addiction recovery, you’re likely to notice a striking parallel. Metaphorically, travel almost perfectly symbolizes the “road” to recovery. When you commit to treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism, you essentially “pack your bags” for an epic journey. Along…

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Reflections From Our Intern – Long Term Treatment is Best

Canine Dog Therapy at Serenity Vista Alcohol Treatment Rehab

Reflections on Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat Introducing  Jim W., Serenity Vista’s newest intern. Jim joins us from Virginia, USA, accompanied by his beautiful blue merle Australian Shepherd Dog, Dundee.  Ceiba, our resident Chocolate Labrador Retriever Dog, is thrilled to have a colleague and friend to help with the duties of canine therapy.  Both dogs are an important part of the recovery program. They teach us mindfulness, playfulness, and demonstrate Rule # 62 (Don’t take yourself too damn seriously) consistently through the day. We are happy to have Jim & Dundee at Serenity Vista here in Boquete, Panama. We have much to learn from each other. Long Term Treatment for Addiction is Best Jim writes: My original intent in coming to Serenity Vista was to complete the 500 hours of on the job training needed to complete my certification as a…

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90 Day Extended Treatment Programs

Panama Mola as seen near Serenity Vista Drug Rehab

90 Day Extended Treatment Addictions take time to form – and time to resolve. That’s why we offer 90 days extended treatment programs. People that commit to, and complete full 90 day extended treatment programs, really see a complete transformation in their lives. These people have time to integrate what they are learning, for it to become part of who they are. Recovery is not an intellectual exercise. Heart learning takes longer. ~ John Derry When did you become an addict? Do you remember the day it happened? Like many alcoholics & addicts, struggling daily and living from one relapse to another, probably not. You are unable to trace the roots of your addiction back to a single event. Instead, addictive behavior creates and solidifies patterns over long stretches of time. It is like a canyon widening and deepening for millennia. The…

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Best 90 Day Rehab Program

Fees for Drug Rehab

90 Day Rehab Program Long-Term Best 90 Day Rehab Program How can I really make sure I get the best 90-day rehab program I need? If you’re like the millions of people worldwide who suffer from drug addiction, you need help. And long-term drug rehab is one of the best ways imaginable to help you make progress toward recovery. But most insurance in the US or Canada only covers up to 30 days of drug rehab—and that’s usually just not enough time for most people. Click here to learn more about your options for a United States rehab program. So what’s the answer? Long-term drug rehab programs. By choosing a 90-day rehab program, you’re choosing a much more effective support system for your recovery. Shorter duration programs are also available for those that can’t dedicate 90-days to alcohol or drug addiction rehab…

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Private Holistic Rehab Made Simple !

Private holistic Rehab Made Simple

Private Holistic Rehab Made Simple ! Do you ever struggle with drug addiction? Everyone knows that drug rehab is the best option to overcome addiction. But did you know that there’s a way that you can get amazing private holistic rehab at a much better value than in the United States or Canada? It’s true—at Serenity Vista, our private rehab center in the Caribbean is a beautiful and warm place to recover, and all for much less than it might cost you in the United States or Canada. We will help you with all of the arrangements, which are really pretty straightforward. International travel to Panama is increasing all the time as a highly attractive get away destination. We will coach you on your travel plans and help you prepare to come to rehab. Private Holistic Rehab Program in the Caribbean Have you…

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California Affordable Addiction Treatment

Your cross to bear

California Affordable Addiction Treatment Affordable Alcoholism Treatment Recovery Program We are excited to share our tremendous success stories, but there are so many, and of course respecting confidentiality is of paramount importance to us. So as a representative illustration of the daily experience of healing and positive life change so often seen at Serenity Vista, let us share a general experience relating to many of our past clients. This is a testimonial of California addiction treatment that changes lives. We will call her “Julie”, and today she is happy, clean and sober….we’re so happy for her. We are sharing this as a beacon of hope for those who don’t have any………. Julie lives Orange County, California and was using cocaine and alcohol for nearly 10 years. Julie had attended 6 drug rehab centers throughout the US including, California, Florida & Minnesota…

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