Am I A High Functioning Alcoholic?

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The High-Functioning Alcoholic What do I do if I am a high functioning alcoholic? The most common form of substance abuse in North America is alcohol; it affects millions of people all over Canada, the United States, Europe and Latin America. Although it is very common, alcoholism is not always easy to spot. People may not suspect alcoholism if there are still two cars in the garage and an intact high-powered career. It is sometimes much harder for a successful alcoholic to accept that they have a problem with their drinking. Close family members may know your drinking habits. They may even be considering an intervention. Your spouse, child or parents may lay awake at night wondering about your alcohol induced antics while you are still in denial about your alcohol use. Sometimes the last person to know about the…

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High-Bottom Alcohol Abusers

High-bottom alcohol treatment at Serenity Vista Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Tropical Paradise

Help For High-Bottom Drunks   I’m actually really scared of going to rehab. I’ve watched the news, I know about the epidemic of overdoses and the subsequent explosion of drug rehabs. Especially the rehabs in Florida and New York with the owners in handcuffs. These characters seem really sketchy! I know an addict is an addict is an addict, but I don’t want to be living with smokers and I don’t want to be ‘doing chores’ in some institution. Help! High Functioning Alcoholics Many alcohol abusers conclude they need to stop drinking while things are still pretty good in their lives. Maybe a parent or other family member is demonstrating what happens when an alcohol abuser continues abusing alcohol. The bottom for an alcoholic is when the alcoholic stops digging. It is always an advantage if this is a ‘high-bottom’.…

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Ready For A Life Change ? Change Your Thinking : Transform Your Life!

Carpe Diem Recovery

Profound Life Change   The number one reason you aren’t living the life of your dreams: Your own thinking   The 3 C’s for Life Change Successfully facing the negative qualities of your life requires 3 C’s; courage, commitment, and consistency. If you are ready for infinite growth past your addictive and destructive behaviours, then now is the time! Panama is the place. Having a safe and nurturing place to examine and challenge your old ways of thinking, allows you to transform your life beyond your wildest dreams. Your old ways create chaos, confusion, darkness and fear. It is your time to move into the light, and claim your birthright of freedom and peace of mind. Not just traditional drug addiction treatment or drug rehab center, it is a profound life change that bears delicious fruit. Symptoms of Distorted Thinking What…

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Zen of Recovery – Ego Koan

Spectacular view in sobriety

Zen of Recovery – Ego Koan   Zen Koans have been used for a couple of thousand years or so to help people reach enlightenment. They are little stories or situations that were designed to make people pause, scratch their heads, and say, “what?” I love sharing Zen Koans with our guests and they generally loved to be baffled by them. Sometimes though, I think (which is not condoned in Zen) that the ancient and hard to pronounce Japanese names and foreign customs serve to distract. A parable or teaching story works best by meeting people exactly where they are and with what they are familiar with. Jesus told stories about shepherds and sheep, while Lao Tzu spoke of oxen and rice paddies. I’ve just brought some of our favorite Zen stories into American culture in the 21st Century. Here…

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