Winter Blues? Sad? Struggling with Addiction?

Hibiscus flower at drug rehab

Struggling with Addiction this Winter? It’s dark in the morning and dark in the afternoon. The holidays are over and spring is way off in the far too-distant future. It’s cold. This is the season when depression sets in deep. As if compulsive drug use, drug addiction, drinking alcohol and alcoholism aren’t difficult enough, this time of year makes struggling with addiction extra unbearable. Winter blues (or seasonal affective disorder, SAD), pill taking, depression, alcoholic drinking and addiction often go hand in hand. This is also an especially trying time for anyone in recovery to be prone to relapse. Dark and cold days give way to long and icy nights. For anyone recovering or suffering from alcoholism or other addiction, this time of year is fraught with the temptation to try to escape with drugs and alcohol. If this sounds familiar…

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Creative Rehab Art Therapy Fosters Healing & Spiritual Growth

Panama Mola as seen near Serenity Vista Drug Rehab

Heal Self Destructive Addictive Behaviors  Creators and Destroyers – It’s All About Control Let’s consider why creative rehab art therapy is important for holistic healing from addiction or codependency and how it fosters spiritual growth and recovery. We often think of creation and destruction as opposites. While they are, they also both stem from the same single impulse – a desire to control. Sometimes it is easier to recognize a controlling nature by seeing it mirrored in others. As extreme examples, consider two historical figures who possessed relentless and passionate minds. These two men, in the process of creating wistfully, destroyed themselves and others in their attempts to control the world around them. For instance, art historians agree that while Pablo Picasso was immensely creative, he was equally destructive. Nearly everyone is familiar with his brilliantly creative work. But what most…

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