Private Holistic Rehab Made Simple !

Private holistic Rehab Made Simple

Private Holistic Rehab Made Simple ! Do you ever struggle with drug addiction? Everyone knows that drug rehab is the best option to overcome addiction. But did you know that there’s a way that you can get amazing private holistic rehab at a much better value than in the United States or Canada? It’s true—at Serenity Vista, our private rehab center in the Caribbean is a beautiful and warm place to recover, and all for much less than it might cost you in the United States or Canada. We will help you with all of the arrangements, which are really pretty straightforward. International travel to Panama is increasing all the time as a highly attractive get away destination. We will coach you on your travel plans and help you prepare to come to rehab. Private Holistic Rehab Program in the Caribbean Have you…

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The Lion in the Marble

The Lion in the Marble The Lion in the Marble:  Once Upon a Time…  …there lived a little boy about 5 years old. The little boy was shy but curious and loved to wander the cobbled streets in his little Italian village. One day he noticed a huge block of marble being delivered to the artisan of the village. The little boy followed the marble down the street, and watched it being set up in the Master Sculptor’s workshop. The child was fascinated, and came to watch the man and the marble whenever he could for several weeks. The little boy and his family left the village for a number of months to go and visit family in another part of the country. When the boy returned, he was anxious to go see the man and the marble. As soon…

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Codependent Behavior in Action: The Kleenex Box Super Hero

Luxury Rehab at Serenity Vista

Codependent Behavior in Action: The Kleenex Box Super Hero   Codependent Behavior in Action:  The scene: A 12 Step meeting, a person sharing begins to cry, the Kleenex Box Super Hero arrives with a flourish. Recognize the scene? You may have played one of the starring roles. What is really going on here is an excellent example of unhealthy co-dependent and manipulative behaviour. What?! Let’s examine the dynamics of codependent behavior. When a person shares in a room full of 12 Step peers, they are often getting in touch with feelings that have long been buried. It can take considerable effort for a person to feel safe enough with feelings of vulnerability to really allow themselves to express their emotions. You’ve seen it, after a lot of talking, a person may begin to tear up, perhaps to really cry, or even sob.…

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First Things First

Never Too Late For Sobriety

First Things First One thing at a time – Notes from an Addictions Counselor Guest Blog by Karen Graham, Panacea Canada   First Things First. Successful recovery from addiction or self-defeating behaviour requires powerful, unwavering focus on one thing at a time – and that first one thing has to be your recovery. What is recovery? It’s a kind of extreme self care in multiple dimensions. Putting your recovery first means taking very good care of your body, mind, and spirit. For people recovering from addictions or self-defeating behaviours, recovery is the foundation for everything else in life; unless your recovery is healthy, it will be virtually impossible for you to be effective. A healthy recovery supports you as a friend, partner, employee, leader, parent, athlete, son, daughter, provider, care-giver… pretty much any role that you value in your life.…

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One thing at a time – Notes from a Success Coach

let go and let god

One thing at a time – Notes from a Success Coach Guest Blog by Karen Graham of Panacea Canada   One thing at a time. One of the most exhausting and least effective approaches to, well, pretty much anything, is multitasking. Once hailed as the best way to navigate challenging workloads, days, projects and roles, multitasking is now seen as a poor choice. It’s tempting to try to do many things at once. We are barraged by information, demands for our attention, and an infinite variety of ways to waste our time and energy. Trying to stay on top of the inflow of information is, as the wonderful Martha Beck once pointed out, like trying to take a delicate sip of water from a fire hose. I believe that multitasking leads to mediocrity. It’s just not possible to do many…

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“High Success Rate” in Drug Rehab-Treatment

“High Success Rate” in Drug Rehab-Treatment If you or someone you know happens to be searching for a drug rehab or treatment center online that focuses on addiction and/or alcoholism recovery services, you may notice many facilities boast a high success rate that is better than the rest. The concern is that, unlike with many other medical issues, in the world of addiction and alcoholism recovery, success is measured on a multitude of levels and therefore, has many different interpretations. Some treatment centers’ idea of “success” is merely for a client to complete their 30, 45, 70 or 90 day residential drug rehab program without having relapsed during therapy. This is definitely not an accurate benchmark of success. After all, during this time their car keys, money and freedom were likely outside of their possession so it does not depict a real-life…

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How to Avoid Relapse After Treatment

How to Avoid Relapse After Treatment Honesty, Open-mindedness and Willingness are Indispensable Most drug rehabs and addiction & alcoholism treatment centers provide a standard level of care for a primary initial time period and then offer additional step-down programs that enable the client to gradually reintegrate themselves into the rigors of daily life while outside the protective bubble of treatment. During this time, the client would normally have the opportunity to essentially test out some of the many relapse prevention techniques he or she had learned during the treatment process, but in an environment that offers more leeway to encounter some of life’s daily hurdles. Preparing to prevent relapse after treatment is essential. The first thing to keep in mind is this; if the person is not truly committed to recovery and willing to take contrary action then the entire…

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