Private Holistic Rehab Made Simple !

Private holistic Rehab Made Simple

Private Holistic Rehab Made Simple ! Do you ever struggle with drug addiction? Everyone knows that drug rehab is the best option to overcome addiction. But did you know that there’s a way that you can get amazing private holistic rehab at a much better value than in the United States or Canada? It’s true—at Serenity Vista, our private rehab center in the Caribbean is a beautiful and warm place to recover, and all for much less than it might cost you in the United States or Canada. We will help you with all of the arrangements, which are really pretty straightforward. International travel to Panama is increasing all the time as a highly attractive get away destination. We will coach you on your travel plans and help you prepare to come to rehab. Private Holistic Rehab Program in the Caribbean Have you…

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What Is Your Story?

What Is Your Story?   About 15 years ago, I was just becoming conscious of my own spiritual journey. A personal crisis afforded me an opportunity to re-examine my life, my choices and consequences. As often happens, seemingly chance happenings can have big impacts, and I had just such a happening in a dentist waiting room. I picked up a mainstream psychology magazine, and flipped to a story entitled: Twins, Separated at Birth. Here is the paraphrased story: Separated At Birth There was a pair of twins, who, separated at birth, were raised in different families unaware of each other’s existence. By chance (divine intervention), the twins were re-united after 30 years or so. Much to psychologist’s delight, the twins presented a rare opportunity for insight by agreeing to participate in separate interviews. The First Interview: Twin number one was…

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Would You Rather Be Right Or Happy?

Would You Rather Be Right Or Happy? Would you rather be right or happy? This seems like a crazy question at first doesn’t it? But is a remarkably deep question. Most people emphatically answer “Both!” And they believe they are right. The truth is, you can’t be both. Think about the many arguments that you have had, or may be actively embroiled in. Most codependents, addicts and other spiritually unwell people will attempt to prove their ‘rightness’ right into the grave. When everything changes in recovery, so does the need to ‘save face’ and be right at any cost. A person who learns to work their steps and live by spiritual principles will choose peace-of-mind and serenity, and thus emotional /physical sobriety over all else. Ask yourself, “Is this worth losing my serenity or getting drunk over? Is this worth…

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