Am I A High Functioning Alcoholic?

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The High-Functioning Alcoholic What do I do if I am a high functioning alcoholic? The most common form of substance abuse in North America is alcohol; it affects millions of people all over Canada, the United States, Europe and Latin America. Although it is very common, alcoholism is not always easy to spot. People may not suspect alcoholism if there are still two cars in the garage and an intact high-powered career. It is sometimes much harder for a successful alcoholic to accept that they have a problem with their drinking. Close family members may know your drinking habits. They may even be considering an intervention. Your spouse, child or parents may lay awake at night wondering about your alcohol induced antics while you are still in denial about your alcohol use. Sometimes the last person to know about the…

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What is Private Pay Drug Rehab?


What is Private Pay Drug Rehab vs. Government Funded? In the United States and Canada many company and government medical insurance plans cover addiction treatment for alcohol and other drugs of abuse. For those people who otherwise cannot afford to get help for their addiction, the option of subsidized help can be life saving. But is it the right choice for you or your loved one?  Click here for more info on publicly funded alcohol and drug treatment. Referral Fees If you are talking with your doctor or Employee Assistance Program about your addiction, you will most likely be funneled into the one- size- fits- all North American Drug Addiction Treatment Industry Machine. Even more so with the advent of Obama Care, the addiction treatment industry in North America is primed, well oiled, and ready to accept you. You are…

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Getting Sober – Where do I start?


Getting Sober –  How do I know I am ready? It seems like everyone is getting sober these days. There is a long list of celebrities that are very open about their sobriety, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Bradley Cooper and Craig Ferguson. There is a swelling recovery movement that is celebrating clean and sober in a lot of fun ways, including films, rock and roll, and weekend conventions.  “How do I know I am ready for getting sober?” Good question. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired – then you may be on your way to getting sober.  Today, at this very moment, in Canada, the United States, Europe and Latin America, people are taking their last drink, some of them forever, one day at a…

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What Type of Drug Rehabs Are There? Is There a Big Difference?


What Type of Drug Rehab Should I Choose? You’ve decided to go to a drug rehab, and now comes the daunting task of deciding where to go. What type of  drug rehab should you choose? There are literally thousands of choices around the world. How to choose the right drug rehab for you? Review the types of alcoholism or addiction treatment facilities to see what is the best fit for you. There are several different types of rehab programs. The 4 most common are: 1. Government Funded Type of Drug Rehabs 2. Medical Model– Hospital Type of Drug Rehabs 3. Celebrity Style Type of Drug Rehabs 4. Small professional, privately owned and operated type drug rehab addiction treatment centers Government Funded Type Drug Rehabs State or provincially funded type drug rehabs are either paid in full by taxpayers for those with…

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My Daughter’s Addiction – How Can a Mother Help?


My Daughter is Addicted to Drugs How can I help my daughter if she is addicted to drugs or alcohol?  What can I do about my daughter’s addiction? Millions of mothers tragically ask themselves this question. There are so many daughters struggling with addiction to alcohol, nicotine or other drugs. Sometimes a mother feels hopeless to help, especially if your daughter doesn’t listen to you, or if she is involved with shady people or illegal activities. Don’t forget, it is never too late. You are in a unique position as a mother to help your ‘little girl’. Your daughter can get the support she needs with your help.  Click here to learn more about how you can cope with your child’s addiction. Raising a Healthy, Strong Daughter Every mom wants her child to be healthy, happy and have a sense…

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#1 Executive Private Drug Rehab

Freedom of addiction recovery at Serenity Vista

#1 Executive Private Drug Rehab Executive Private Drug Rehab Doesn’t Have To Cost So Much! Society has become accustomed to hearing about luxury, high-cost drug rehab centers on the news and reading about them in the tabloids. It is almost daily that yet another Hollywood actor or actress, professional athlete or political figure is being court ordered to check into yet another of the nation’s posh beachfront treatment centers costing over a hundred thousand dollars for a 60 to 90 day stay. No wonder executive private drug rehab is seen by most as extravagant and expensive. The question we must all ask is, do these facilities offer a better level of care or a higher likelihood for attaining long-term sobriety? Most luxurious rehab centers are located in high-class, real estate rich regions like Malibu Beach, Orange County, CA, Boca Raton, FL, Scottsdale,…

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