High-Functioning Alcoholism and the Dangers of Denial

High Functioning Alcoholics

The High-Functioning Alcoholic High-functioning alcoholism is harder to identify because it doesn’t fit the “drunk” stereotype. When people say the word ‘alcoholic,’ they instantly have a vision of an old man sitting in a park with a paper bag, with a can in it. Suzi MacDonald, Addictions Counsellor They don’t think of suburban moms or people with high-powered careers – but often, these people are fighting an internal battle with alcohol addiction that no one, including themselves, can clearly see. A high-functioning alcoholic, or HFA, is someone who is psychologically dependent on alcohol but able to live a normal life, continuing to perform in their social, professional and familial roles. While on the surface this type of alcoholism appears to have less impact, it presents its own set of dangers, including a more deeply entrenched denial and stronger resistance to…

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Letting Go of Resentment


“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die”.   Recovery from substance abuse can be a healing and transformative experience. But resentment is equally as poisonous. Holding on to past resentments – and all of the negative feelings associated with them – can derail and even de-motivate a person’s recovery and lead to relapse. It’s tempting to hold grudges, especially when you feel you’re “in the right”. But it only serves to pull you down. By forgiving others (and yourself), you’re able to truly heal from the past, embrace recovery and grow into the person you’re meant to be. But some resentments are harder to let go of than others. How can you let go of past wrongs that you have been carrying around for years – or maybe even your entire life? Here are…

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Humility as Spiritual Practice in Addiction Rehab

Humility as Spiritual Practice in Addiction Rehab at Serenity Vista International Private Affordable Holistic 12 step Addiction Treatment Rehab Spiritual Retreat

Humility as Spiritual Practice in Addiction Rehab What Does Humility Look Like? One of the first spiritual principles that a person new in recovery, or new in an alcohol rehab treatment program encounters is humility. It is a concept that is pretty much universally balked at upon first glance. In our society, the concept of humility is often confused with humiliation. Newcomers often liken humility to being a doormat. As a weakness. And it is no wonder why humility has a hard time of it!! Look at the heroes of popular culture. Ironman, Terminator, Revenge, Retribution, Payback – this is what inspires the majority of persons of our culture in this time. Take a good look at any marquee list, or best seller list. Humility doesn’t draw crowds or go on talk shows. There is not much ‘action’ in quiet…

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My Brother is an Addict

My Little Brother, The Drug Addict A common issue for many people, who love or know an addict, is their denial of it. Who wants to admit, ‘my brother is an addict’. Many times family and friends are blind to their loved one’s addiction. Brothers, in our society, are looked upon as people who ‘should’ be strong and fortified, with tolerance and respect. So if your brother is an addict, his addiction may be very hard to come to terms with. Perhaps there are times your brother comes home from a ‘days long drug run’ or a night of binge drinking at the bar, that you choose to turn a blind eye to. Your brother’s addiction may be something you either want to ignore, or, you may have so much respect for him, you are in complete denial with the…

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Why Won’t the Alcoholic get Help?

Why Won’t the Alcoholic get Help? This is the million dollar question. Why won’t the alcoholic get help? Why won’t the alcoholic or addict admit that they need help, and why won’t they accept the help when it is offered? Help is abundant and easy to find. There are government funded drug rehab treatment programs. There are religious and church funded alcohol rehab programs. There are employer and insurance funded programs for cocaine, Vicodan, and oxycontin addiction. There are private pay drug rehabs of many kinds. It is easy to find alcohol, nicotine and other private drug treatment facilities of all kinds, for the budget conscious, for the very wealthy, and in between. Twelve Step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous and Al-Anon are found in (almost) every telephone directory in the world.…

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Addiction Denial —How Do I Know? How Can I Admit Drug Abuse?

Addiction Denial—How Do I Know? How Can I Admit Drug Abuse?

Addiction Denial —How Do I Know? How Can I Admit Drug Abuse? I’m not really suffering from drug addiction, am I? Drug addiction is a highly common and highly dangerous disease afflicting millions of Americans, Canadians, and Europeans. But, how many of those drug addiction cases go unreported? There are probably far higher rates of drug addiction than are known about, because it can be difficult for people to admit they are suffering from drug addiction. After all, there are some people who look down on people who are struggling with drug addiction. But the truth is that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Drug addiction is a disease, and it’s not your fault. Just because you might be addicted to drugs doesn’t make you a bad person, weak, or deficient in any way. In fact, people suffering from drug…

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