Founder’s Story

Founders, John & Jane Derry sail to Panama to develop Serenity Vista rehab

Founding Director’s Story Background John Derry, B.Sc.Phm., M.A., is Founding Director of Serenity Vista. He has an impressive track record of success throughout an extensive professional career spanning pharmacy, addiction, and management leadership.  John is a licensed Canadian pharmacist and holds a Master of Arts degree in Addiction Counseling from the world-leading Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies. Read more about John’s professional background here. Driven by Passion John’s passion in life is to help others experience joy in living their fullest potential. John is a devoted father and husband, and role models what he teaches through his own life. John’s life is a manifestation of his values and ongoing journey of spiritual exploration and development. The establishment of Serenity Vista is a reflection of this passion and life journey. John is originally from Canada where he developed a successful career…

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Joining My Son in Rehab

son in rehab letting go

Inquiry from Father: Can I come to support my son in rehab? Dear Serenity Vista, My 35-year-old son was just fired from his prestigious job because of his drinking. He has been struggling with alcohol for years. Now he has lost his job and his wife at the same time as a consequence of his alcoholism. He needs help! I’ve been searching online worldwide for the best international addiction treatment center because I am willing to help my son in rehab anywhere. Your program is impressive and I am recommending he come to Panama and attend Serenity Vista. He says he is willing to come. It sounds strange, but I am grateful and relieved that I will have my son in rehab. To help him feel comfortable with this change, I plan to rent an apartment in Boquete for the duration…

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Why Won’t My Spouse Go To Al-Anon?

why won't my spouse go to Al-Anon

I’m Sober Now, But My Spouse….   It’s classic. The focus is always on the ‘alcoholic‘ in the family. But when the alcoholic sobers up, often the spouse does not know where else to put the focus. We hear the question over and over from people new in sobriety: Why Won’t My Spouse Go To Al-Anon? We received an email from a recent graduate of the SV program. He was very concerned that his wife was not going to Al-Anon. Our former guest felt that his wife’s focus was still on him, even though he was sober; he felt smothered. One of the tools in recovery this alumnus learned is to reach out and ask for help. Below is the actual email response from John Derry, the Director of Serenity Vista, to the former guest’s question: Why won’t my spouse go…

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Overcome Addiction with the Power of Intention

Overcome Addiction with the Power of Intention at Serenity Vista Best Drug Rehab

Overcome Addiction with the Power of Intention If you’re an addict, do you ever occasionally ask yourself, “what are my intentions?” Although simple on the surface, this single question holds the power to keep you from that next fix, from relapsing. The power of intention as a spiritual practice can support you on a remarkable journey to overcome addiction to freedom. What are your intentions? Most addicts rarely think about their intentions. The problem with this is that we live in an increasingly misguided and unhealthy society. Left unchecked and unguided, an addict’s decisions are already made for him or her. The current world is full of distractions. Modern life promotes the need to achieve instant gratification and avoid pain or problems when they surface. The world today asks for everything pleasant right now and it wants it bigger, better, faster,…

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Easy Does It – But Do It


Easy Does It   Easy Does It – But Do It Finding a balance between effort and allowing can be a difficult process for people coming straight from active addiction. Active addicts are always craving instant gratification – and NOW. In recovery we learn that time takes time, and that sometimes the very best thing to do, is to do nothing. We are human beings, not human doings. ‘Easy Does It’ is a useful recovery slogan serving as a reminder to strive for this healthy balance. Learning How to ‘Easy Do It’ Coming to a recovery program like Serenity Vista can be an incredibly valuable start to your recovery. Believe it or not, at Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Treatment Retreat in Panama, there are actual “hammock assignments“. That’s right – go and lie in the hammock, no books, no music,…

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Addiction Doubt-Denial-Guilt-Blame

Addiction doubt-denial-guilt-blame. Don't believe everything you think

Learning to Question Recovery Limiting Thoughts Addiction Doubt-Denial-Guilt-Blame In addiction treatment, alcoholics and other drug addicts battle harmful and unproductive thinking daily: addiction doubt-denial-guilt-blame. Along their way to sobriety, they are very often plagued by such limiting beliefs and thoughts patterns that reinforce addictive behaviors and negative actions. Here, we’ll take a look at these Four False Thoughts that hold many addicts back from enjoying the true freedom of peace of mind: Addiction doubt-denial-guilt-blame. Doubt Volumes could be written about the relationship between doubt and addiction. And perhaps no other False Thought is as destructive or as limiting. When an addict commits to getting better, few things can slow their progress like a strong bout of doubt. Most addicts are attacked by a barrage of limiting beliefs in the early stages of recovery. “This won’t work … you failed before ……

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Post Rehab Testimonial Review

Rehab Testimonial Review Letters Serenity Vista was thrilled to receive this post rehab testimonial review message from a former guest. Nothing makes us happier than this. Addiction does NOT have to be a fatal disease. It can be arrested and transformed from defeat into victory. Serenity Vista provides life transforming rehab retreat experiences. This letter is testimony that in fact lives do transform, and offers hope that your life can change too!   Hello John! It’s good to see you’re still going strong with Serenity Vista. You truly changed my life in so many positive ways. No, that’s not true. I changed my life in so many ways but YOU gave me the guidance and support I needed to succeed. I can’t thank you enough. I’ll be honest and tell you that it has been a struggle but with the tools…

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Ready for Rehab?

Are you Ready for Rehab?

Ready for Rehab? TODAY IS YOUR DAY! If you are tired of the destructive cycle of alcoholism or drug addiction, tired of lying, tired of regretting, and tired of just being tired – today could be your day. Today could be the day you become ready for rehab. This could be the day you begin living the life you know you were intended to live. You feel it. You know it’s there inside of you. You know that when you look in the mirror, although you see someone in pain and making daily mistakes, you know that’s not the real you. You know there is more. Despite your best efforts to stop drinking or using drugs to get clean and sober, you just can’t seem to reach it. Or at least to stay stopped. Sometimes its stopping starting that is…

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Ready For A Life Change ? Change Your Thinking : Transform Your Life!

Carpe Diem Recovery

Profound Life Change   The number one reason you aren’t living the life of your dreams: Your own thinking   The 3 C’s for Life Change Successfully facing the negative qualities of your life requires 3 C’s; courage, commitment, and consistency. If you are ready for infinite growth past your addictive and destructive behaviours, then now is the time! Panama is the place. Having a safe and nurturing place to examine and challenge your old ways of thinking, allows you to transform your life beyond your wildest dreams. Your old ways create chaos, confusion, darkness and fear. It is your time to move into the light, and claim your birthright of freedom and peace of mind. Not just traditional drug addiction treatment or drug rehab center, it is a profound life change that bears delicious fruit. Symptoms of Distorted Thinking What…

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