Humility as Spiritual Practice in Addiction Rehab

Humility as Spiritual Practice in Addiction Rehab at Serenity Vista International Private Affordable Holistic 12 step Addiction Treatment Rehab Spiritual Retreat

Humility as Spiritual Practice in Addiction Rehab What Does Humility Look Like? One of the first spiritual principles that a person new in recovery, or new in an alcohol rehab treatment program encounters is humility. It is a concept that is pretty much universally balked at upon first glance. In our society, the concept of humility is often confused with humiliation. Newcomers often liken humility to being a doormat. As a weakness. And it is no wonder why humility has a hard time of it!! Look at the heroes of popular culture. Ironman, Terminator, Revenge, Retribution, Payback – this is what inspires the majority of persons of our culture in this time. Take a good look at any marquee list, or best seller list. Humility doesn’t draw crowds or go on talk shows. There is not much ‘action’ in quiet…

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5 Reasons I Hate Rehab


5 Reasons I Hate Rehab Many people in very early rehab can feel like the writer of this little article. It is written a little bit tongue in cheek. Most of the time these feelings of resistance and opposition can’t even be articulated by people in the early days of their rehab experience. For the most part, these emotions pass as a person starts to get a clearer picture of what has really been going on their life and the process of recovery unfolds. Spiritual understanding can begin to express itself over the ego, and the rehab experience of renewal and change becomes something to be grateful for. Reasons “I hate rehab” fall away to gratitude in the face of recovery. ” I’m feeling a bit resentful about recent events in my life. I used to be a ‘happy-go-lucky’ drug enthusiast until…

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Spirit vs Ego in Drug Rehab

  As part of her internship at Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Rehab Retreat in Panama, Maya is viewing and commenting on each of the films in the recovery/spirituality film library. Here is her post regarding There’s A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Dr.Wayne Dyer.   Spirit vs Ego in Drug Rehab and Addiction Recovery  I watched Dr. Wayne Dyer’s film, There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem. This excellent film is on the ‘recommended’ list of Serenity Vista’s Recovery and Spirituality Film Library viewed by guests going through the recovery rehab at Serenity Vista. This is a profound yet simple examination of spirituality presented in an easy to grasp, solution focused way. It provides an understanding of spirit vs ego as it relates to addiction recovery in drug rehab and in a life of twelve step recovery. From watching this presentation, it seems…

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Zen of Recovery – Ego Koan

Spectacular view in sobriety

Zen of Recovery – Ego Koan   Zen Koans have been used for a couple of thousand years or so to help people reach enlightenment. They are little stories or situations that were designed to make people pause, scratch their heads, and say, “what?” I love sharing Zen Koans with our guests and they generally loved to be baffled by them. Sometimes though, I think (which is not condoned in Zen) that the ancient and hard to pronounce Japanese names and foreign customs serve to distract. A parable or teaching story works best by meeting people exactly where they are and with what they are familiar with. Jesus told stories about shepherds and sheep, while Lao Tzu spoke of oxen and rice paddies. I’ve just brought some of our favorite Zen stories into American culture in the 21st Century. Here…

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