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Best private exclusive rehab center worldwide - Serenity Vista International holistic Alcohol & Drug Private Rehab in tropical Panama

For Those Discerning to Select the Best Private Rehab Are you a successful executive, business or health professional? A person of wealth, means, prominence or fame? Do you settle for nothing less than the best? Upper class, used to a luxury life style and top quality, premium goods and services. Are you accustomed to high end accommodation? Five stars? Look no further! Serenity Vista is an exclusive private rehab that offers what you deserve, and where you will relate with others, and feel at home in the luxurious setting you are accustomed to. A world class international exclusive rehab center facility second to none. You may be second guessing your need for rehab, alcohol treatment, addiction recovery, or drug rehab. It doesn’t matter if you are getting drunk on Chivas Regal or Glenfiddich, or driving your Lamborghini to the Gulfstream…

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Surrender to Win

Surrender to Win   Find Victory in Defeat What does ‘Surrender to Win’ really mean? Surrender is one of those words right up there with ‘humility’, ‘discipline’ and ‘obedience’. However, in addiction recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction or other addiction, we learn to look at things in a new light.  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, so try on this new definition of Surrender. It just might change your life. Come to tropical Panama and let us help you experience the life of recovery you’ve dreamed of. On the winning side! Recovery isn’t difficult. In fact, our holistic program can be a lot of fun. Interesting, challenging, stimulating, exciting, and hope filled. It’s the struggle with alcohol, drugs, addiction, negative consequences, and despair that is so difficult, endless and painful. When you…

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Benefits of Holistic Drug Rehab

Benefits of Holistic Drug Rehab Over recent years there has been a growing popularity in drug rehabs and addiction treatment centers offering holistic recovery services for their patients in recovery from alcoholism, codependency, smoking cessation, drug addiction, or other forms of addiction such as gambling and food addiction. It is very common to see such facilities in prominent regions like Malibu, Orange County and Los Angeles in California, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, and across North America and Europe. A very common question among those seeking treatment is, “what exactly does holistic treatment entail?” Does is mean vitamin regimens? Healthy cuisine? Yoga? Physical Fitness and so on? The truth is that each holistic rehabilitation center has their own conception of holistic treatment. Many facilities incorporate physical activities along with spiritual practices in order to help their clients become better acquainted with the…

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