Why Panama is an Ideal Luxury Rehab Destination

Why Panama for Drug Rehab

Addiction is a global health crisis that isn’t going away anytime soon. An estimated 240 million people worldwide are dependent on alcohol, and 15 million more use injection drugs. Addiction is prevalent in all age groups, socioeconomic brackets and geographic locations, and it’s a stressful and isolating experience no matter who you are. However, for those in the public eye, addiction presents unique challenges that can be difficult to navigate. For executives, political leaders and even pop stars, an extra level of discretion is necessary when treating addiction because of the intense scrutiny public figures face. How is the Experience of Addiction Different for Public Figures? Public figures have a unique experience of addiction. If you’re a politician or high-level business executive, your reputation plays a central role in gaining the trust of voters, political allies, employees and shareholders. If…

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How to Increase Your Readiness for Rehab


How to Increase Your Readiness for Rehab Preparing yourself for rehab is highly recommended because this this means you will be able to hit the ground running. You are only going to have a limited amount of time to get what you need from this program so having the right mindset can make a huge difference. Here are a few suggestions for how you can increase your readiness for rehab. Be Enthusiastic about Recovery  We have to pursue recovery with the same tenacity and enthusiasm that we had when we were drinking or using other drugs. ~ Allen Berger 12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Your Recovery Breaking free of an addiction is a big deal. Even those people who have never been addicted to alcohol or drugs can struggle when it comes to making a major change to their life…

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Premium, Exclusive, Private Rehab

Best private exclusive rehab center worldwide - Serenity Vista International holistic Alcohol & Drug Private Rehab in tropical Panama

For Those Discerning to Select the Best Private Rehab Are you a successful executive, business or health professional? A person of wealth, means, prominence or fame? Do you settle for nothing less than the best? Upper class, used to a luxury life style and top quality, premium goods and services. Are you accustomed to high end accommodation? Five stars? Look no further! Serenity Vista is an exclusive private rehab that offers what you deserve, and where you will relate with others, and feel at home in the luxurious setting you are accustomed to. A world class international exclusive rehab center facility second to none. You may be second guessing your need for rehab, alcohol treatment, addiction recovery, or drug rehab. It doesn’t matter if you are getting drunk on Chivas Regal or Glenfiddich, or driving your Lamborghini to the Gulfstream…

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Surrender to Win

Surrender to Win   Find Victory in Defeat What does ‘Surrender to Win’ really mean? Surrender is one of those words right up there with ‘humility’, ‘discipline’ and ‘obedience’. However, in addiction recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction or other addiction, we learn to look at things in a new light.  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, so try on this new definition of Surrender. It just might change your life. Come to tropical Panama and let us help you experience the life of recovery you’ve dreamed of. On the winning side! Recovery isn’t difficult. In fact, our holistic program can be a lot of fun. Interesting, challenging, stimulating, exciting, and hope filled. It’s the struggle with alcohol, drugs, addiction, negative consequences, and despair that is so difficult, endless and painful. When you…

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#1 Executive Private Drug Rehab

Freedom of addiction recovery at Serenity Vista

#1 Executive Private Drug Rehab Executive Private Drug Rehab Doesn’t Have To Cost So Much! Society has become accustomed to hearing about luxury, high-cost drug rehab centers on the news and reading about them in the tabloids. It is almost daily that yet another Hollywood actor or actress, professional athlete or political figure is being court ordered to check into yet another of the nation’s posh beachfront treatment centers costing over a hundred thousand dollars for a 60 to 90 day stay. No wonder executive private drug rehab is seen by most as extravagant and expensive. The question we must all ask is, do these facilities offer a better level of care or a higher likelihood for attaining long-term sobriety? Most luxurious rehab centers are located in high-class, real estate rich regions like Malibu Beach, Orange County, CA, Boca Raton, FL, Scottsdale,…

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