Recover From Addiction with the Power of Nature

Nature & Addiction Recovery Pleasure and Pain Addicts are faced with many challenges when facing how to recover from addiction. Among them, one of the greatest difficulties is contending with a strong desire for sensory pleasure. On one level, addiction is a disease of feelings. Addicts and alcoholics smoke, drink, gamble, and engage in other compulsive behavior because it feels good. Many others seek pleasure to avoid the pain of guilt, shame, sadness, loss, anger, remorse, repression, etc. Surprisingly, this desire for pleasure isn’t exclusive to addicts. Many people in the general population, wanting to escape discomfort, will turn to junk food or television. While others turn to more healthy stress-relieving stimulus such as reading, talking with friends over coffee or tea, exercise, or solitude. The common thread is the desire to exchange negative feelings with pleasant ones. The difference with addiction…

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Alcohol & Drug Withdrawal Relaxation Techniques

Hummingbird as seen at Serenity Vista Drug Rehab

Withdrawal Relaxation Techniques How withdrawal relaxation techniques can help to soften the stress of early recovery Withdrawal relaxation techniques are an important part of any alcoholism or other addiction recovery program. Practicing proper relaxation methods to supplement other addiction recovery programs can work wonders on the body, especially during times of increased distress. Recovering addicts understand the stress on the body caused by withdrawal symptoms, which affects the body both emotionally and physically. By practicing simple relaxation methods, sufferers of addiction can help to lower their blood pressure, reducing the activity of stress hormones, while increasing their concentration and overall mood. Withdrawal relaxation techniques for early withdrawal symptoms can be easily taught and encouraged by addiction specialists. According to Harvard Medical Center, deep breathing exercises and techniques have been proven to assist those in addiction treatment and withdrawal sufferers by…

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