Hiding Addiction

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Tired of hiding addiction in the darkness? Hiding Addiction Are you or  someone you love hiding in the shadows of drug addiction or alcoholism? If so, it’s destructively unhealthy – and unfortunately among alcoholics and addicts – hiding addiction is quite common. Reasons to hide drinking or use of other drugs Addicts engage in hiding behavior for a myriad of reasons. Quite often, they do it as a protective mechanism. Some addicts hide their problem out of pride, too proud or puffed up to admit their weakness. Others do it out of fear of shame, too embarrassed to expose their addiction to friends or family. They may worry that doing so could jeopardize their reputations, relationships, or careers. And yet often, equally as many addicts will hide their drinking or drug use for no other reason than to continue using their drug of…

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Women’s Recovery Retreat

Women's Recovery Retreat

Women’s Recovery Retreat for Alcoholism   “I know that I need help to quit drinking, but…I have a lot of fears!” Here are the top 3 fears. 3 Fears I Have About Residential Alcohol Treatment: 1. The other people in treatment with me – who are they? This one really makes sense. Many rehabs are full with people sent from the justice system – jail or treatment. Or addicts who have already hit the street, coming in for their 6 or 12th treatment stint. You don’t need to have the distraction from your own recovery by your fear of the other clients. Women’s recovery retreats are different,  just like accommodation choices while traveling. For example, there are youth hostels, budget motels, nice hotels, and 5-star resorts. Where do you fit? If you still have options, take them while you can! 2.…

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Addiction Recovery Fellowship

A Whole New Life   Crossing Over Through Addiction Recovery Fellowship Misery loves company. The same is true of addiction. Surrounding yourself with other people who are using and abusing substances and engaging in unhealthy behavior, creates more opportunity for denial; “I’m not as bad as those guys”. In contrast, addiction recovery fellowship fosters connection and healing. Many addicts fail to make progress in recovery because they are unable or unwilling to severe ties even when the relationships they’re in are unhealthy. They’re afraid of being judged by their current circle of friends, drinking buddies, fellow party-goes, business associates, customers, club or bar pals, and other enablers. When standing at the edge of a major change, it’s only natural to be afraid, whether of the unknown or of being lonely. This is why in the early stages of recovery, many alcoholics…

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Hiding Drinking

hiding drinking - Serenity Vista

Hiding Drinking – Sign of a Real Problem Many people struggling with addiction think that if they’re hiding drinking , they’re hiding their addiction. Stashes of alcohol Are you someone who hides alcohol? Do you have a bottle stashed behind the laundry soap or the cereal on the top shelf? Or perhaps you keep a flask behind the tools in the garage or shed. Maybe there are some nips in the bottom drawer of your desk at work or in your purse. We’ve heard of many ingenious methods of hiding your drinking – and maybe we even tried some of them ourselves. Do you drink alone? You mentally check out when you’re with your friends or family, because you can’t wait be alone to drink like you want to. You find yourself doing a lot of laundry or tinkering in the…

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Fear In Addiction Recovery

Face fear in addiction recovery at private, affordable, holistic Serenity Vista drug rehab retreat

Addiction Recovery & Fear   Alcohol, nicotine or other drugs have you in the grip of addiction. You know it’s a problem and you need help but something is holding you back. Oftentimes it is fear in addiction recovery. Fear is likely the barrier between you and addiction treatment. Fear is a vital human emotion, but in today’s world, it is a much more complex emotion that can render us paralyzed in our addictions. You can face your fear in addiction recovery. The Fear of Treatment Struggles with the fear that everyone will know you have a drug or alcohol problem if you enter rehab consume you. You have, after all, been leading a double life. Try to take some comfort in the fact that the people closest to you more than likely already know you have an addiction, and they want…

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I Want To Get Help- But I Have Drug Rehab Fear

I Want To Go – But I Have Drug Rehab Fear The Decision To Get Help For Addiction Making the decision to get the help you need to treat your addiction is NOT EASY. We understand. Drug rehab fear makes sense. It is never a ‘great day in the morning’, full of smiles and sunshine when you are contacting rehab. Inquiring about availability and details for your drug addiction treatment does not trip easily across the tongue. There may have been some dramatic humiliating event, or just one more sick and hungover morning too many. Face Drug Rehab Fear and Follow Through Commitment For Residential Treatment It is amazing really, but not really, how many people decide to get the help they need for addiction treatment, but don’t follow through with the commitment to treat their alcoholism or nicotine or other drug…

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Fear in Recovery


Fear in Recovery Part 4 of 5 – Maya’s journey from internship student to full rehab Dare the Truth & Break Free I am human. Like every human, I have fears. During these weeks in rehab at Serenity Vista, I had the opportunity to deal with some of my old fears that came back. Here are the fears I came to realize I used to have: -rejection -not being loved for who I was -not being good enough -not being accepted -being fat -being left out -not knowing the answer to everything I still have a few of those old fears that come back from time to time, but I came to realize that they are just illusions. Since they were created from false beliefs, they are not objective and there is no need to take them seriously. Those fears have…

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