Recovery is Addiction Freedom

Free From Addiction - A New View

Recovery is Freedom from Addiction Addiction is about Control – Recovery is about Freedom Let us explore how recovery is addiction freedom. The desire for freedom is one of the most basic human emotions. From the beginning, young children assert themselves as independent choice makers and launch themselves into violent tantrums when their freedoms are denied or stifled. Later, in dramatic displays of sovereignty, teenagers rebel against authority at every turn. Adults are no different. What we want and value most in life is pure and simple freedom. Rightfully so, we worship it as our god-given right. And like children, we too erupt in protest when our free will is threatened. No matter the age, we want control of our lives and we have little tolerance if someone or something encroaches on them. Control This is why addiction is torturous…

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What to Expect from Alcohol & Drug Rehab

View of ocean from drug rehab

I Don’t Know About Rehab…   How can alcohol & drug rehab help me? If you’ve been wondering if you have a problem with alcohol or other drugs, now is the time to look into alcohol & drug rehab. Or, if you’re thinking you might have a problem with your drinking, you should know that alcohol treatment can be the remedy for all the ill effects that too much booze brings. If you have any doubts about the amount of drugs or alcohol you consume, you should definitely consider drug rehab or alcohol treatment. You never know how much your life improves as you make progress toward recovery! Click here to learn more about how drug rehab can improve your life. Recover Your Life with Alcohol & Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment But what does alcohol & drug rehab do for…

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The Grip of Addiction

Freedom from the Grip of Addiction at Serenity Vista drug rehab, addiction treatment, alcoholism

Addiction Takes Hold   The snare of addiction Do you find yourself in the snare of addiction? If so, you know the routine as only other alcoholics and addicts do. You wake up, shake off the guilt, and go about your day. “Today is different,” you say. You look back over the past days, months, and years of destructive behavior and negative consequences, and commit firmly to quitting. Whatever it is – smoking, gambling, drugs, drinking, pornography – whatever your addiction, you tell yourself it’s merely yesterday’s struggle. You move ahead confidently. Today, you’ll finally kick your ‘habit’. It always gets worse But as the day goes on, you grow uneasy. First doubt, then fear, and finally the fiend sets in. Like claws pulling, you feel the increasing grip of addiction. By evening, provided you’ve made it that far, you’re exhausted. Anxiety…

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Travel the Road to the Best Addiction Recovery

Your Road to the Best Addiction Recovery in tropical Panama at Serenity Vista international private rehab

TRAVEL THE ROAD TO THE BEST ADDICTION RECOVERY Travel brings power and love back into your life.― Rumi Your travels can lead to the best addiction recovery. Volumes have been written about the draw and benefits of travel. People from all walks of life and every corner of the world are all equally inspired and awed by the new experiences travel affords them. Far-off trips to magic lands refresh our viewpoints. New people, just like new places, have the power to renew our perspectives. Coincidentally, the best addiction recovery is all about perspective. In fact, if you compare travel to the best addiction recovery, you’re likely to notice a striking parallel. Metaphorically, travel almost perfectly symbolizes the “road” to recovery. When you commit to treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism, you essentially “pack your bags” for an epic journey. Along…

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Life After Active Addiction

Life After Active Addiction can be one of transformation to freedom and abundance at Serenity Vista

Life After Active Addiction Most addicts live with a constant hunger for freedom yet can not imagine a healthy life after active addiction. They chase substances hoping for temporary relief. But they are quickly overcome by the familiar feeling of being trapped and wanting to be free. It’s a vicious cycle, that despite their best efforts, few are able to break away from on their own. Does this sound familiar for you or a loved one? If the reoccurring pain of addiction is a reality for you, we invite you to try this: Right now, wherever you are and whatever you are doing – stop – and for the next few minutes, try very hard to imagine a life without addiction. Let go of every fear and doubt you have – if only for a few minutes – and set…

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