When Is It Time To Go To Rehab?

Alcoholism Treatment

‘Now’ is Always The Best Time If things start to go wrong – you don’t have to go with them The Best Time to go to Rehab is NOW, Before it gets REALLY bad There is a saying in the rooms of recovery that a smart person can learn from their mistakes, but a wise person can learn from other people’s mistakes. When we are talking about the life threatening disease of addiction, we would all be wise not to make the fatal mistakes. The course of alcohol, nicotine and other drug addiction has been well charted over the centuries. Right now in Anytown, Anycountry, you can see the progression of the disease in the newspapers, on the streets, or maybe even in your own bedroom. Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease; untreated it never gets better, always worse. The three…

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Ready For Change?

Change in Rehab

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes When people come into drug rehab, it is not because they are loving their lives.  Most people who have hit a bottom, and are willing to accept help for their addiction, are very unhappy. Some can’t stand their lives, even one more day. These are some of the bravest people in the world, – those willing to face who and what they have become, reach out for help, and be open to learning a new way to live.  They deserve the greatest of respect. A good drug rehab facility treats their guests with dignity and respect at all times. The rehab treatment experience helps people to see their lives in a new light. Recovery is a process and the full healing of body, mind and spirit takes time. However, sometimes it happens in the twinkling…

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Hitting Bottom – How Low Do I Have To Go?

Hitting bottom. Your's can be now. Get help at Serenity Vista private rehab before your bottom gets deeper.

Before it’s 6 Feet Under   Hitting bottom refers to a place that a person suffering from addiction needs to get to in order to be able to fully surrender. The question is, how low do I have to go? The truth is that everyone’s bottom is not the same and it takes very different things to make a person in active addiction admit defeat. Where is the Bottom? For a lot of alcoholics or addicts, eating from a dumpster, losing custody of children, suffering physical abuse, becoming homeless, even doing jail time, is simply not enough to call it their bottom. For some, the bottom is 6 feet deep. For other’s, it may be waking up feeling regretful for having yelled at the kids or upsetting an important family event. The truth is that an addict does not have…

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Five (more) Myths of Addiction Treatment

Hummingbird as seen around Serenity Vista Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Myths   MYTH 1: ADDICTION IS CURABLE Is there a cure for addiction? This is a common myth of addiction treatment based upon a lack of understanding of the disease nature of alcoholism and other forms of addiction. The notion of a “cure” is about a one-shot quick fix which is contrary to the nature of addiction. Despite great advances, modern medicine has yet to develop such a “cure”.  It’s true that there are medications available today, but these are only effective in initial stages of recovery and when combined with comprehensive recovery programs. For addiction is a chronic, progressive disease. Yes, it requires treatment, but the goal of treatment is to arrest the progression and reverse the negative consequences, to effectively put the addiction into a type of ‘remission’, with hopefully an improved quality of life. And to…

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