Affordable Luxury Drug Rehab Treatment Alternatives

Affordable Luxury Drug Rehab Treatment Alternatives   With so many prominent addiction and alcoholism treatment centers charging upwards of 30 to 50 thousand dollars per month, most prominently in areas like California, Florida, Texas, New York, Colorado and Arizona, there seems to be a dramatic shortage of lower costing affordable drug rehab centers for those struggling with the financial means to pay for treatment. There’s no question that a luxury facility offers some wonderful ancillary components to the recovery process, however, in terms of core rehabilitation services for those struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism, it is important to keep first things first and prioritize clinical services for those of whom cost is a primary hurdle. Serenity Vista Treatment Center of Boquete, Panama seems to attract folks seeking help from all over the world. Ironically, many of our clients come…

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Holistic Drug Rehab in California & Florida

Holistic Drug Rehab in California & Florida We hear the term “holistic drug rehab” thrown around so often these days. People will spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on holistic drug rehab and treatment centers claiming to have a holistic approach to recovery, but what exactly do they mean? States like California and Florida seem to have the highest numbers of treatment centers focusing on drug addiction & alcoholism which claim to have a holistic approach toward the recovery process. Often times their definition of such recovery protocols might consist of vitamin and supplement regimens. Other components might include yoga, surfing, pilates, personal training sessions, and so on. The question is two-fold; one, does this really constitute as being holistic, and two, do these elements really help within the overall recovery process? The average cost of licensed…

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Nicotine Addiction Drug Rehab – Smoking Cessation at Serenity Vista

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Nicotine Addiction Drug Rehab If You Are Still Smoking, You Are an Active Drug Addict   There are not too many people smoking by choice these days. Almost every smoker has either entertained the thought, or has actually tried to quit… thousands of times. They have tried many methods too. Some of them are acupuncture, hypnosis, Zyban, Vipassana meditation retreats, nicotine gum, nicotine inhalers, electric shock… the list is endless. Nicotine addiction is a powerful drug addiction. When 12 Step fellowships and drug rehabs became accepted by the mainstream as an admirable way to deal with addiction to alcohol and ‘other drugs’, nicotine did not make the list of ‘dangerous drugs’. For many years people trying to get and stay clean and sober in a 12 Step Fellowship or through a treatment center, were encouraged to NOT stop smoking. People…

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Stop Smoking – Nicotine Addiction is Drug Addiction

stop smoking for good at Serenity Vista

Stop Smoking – Nicotine Addiction is Drug Addiction Do you want to Stop Smoking? Answer the following questions as honestly as you can: 1. Do you use nicotine every day? 2. Do you use nicotine because of shyness and to build up self-confidence? 3. Do you use nicotine to escape from boredom and worries while under pressure? 4. Have you ever burned a hole in your clothes, carpet, furniture or car? 5. Have you ever had to go to the store late at night or at another inconvenient time because you were out of nicotine? 6. Do you feel defensive or angry when people tell you that your tobacco use is bothering them? 7. Has a doctor or dentist suggested that you stop smoking or chewing tobacco? 8. Have you promised someone that you would stop using nicotine, then broken…

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Low Cost Drug Rehab Can Still Be Luxurious

Low Cost Drug Rehab, Serenity Vista, Panama

Low Cost Drug Rehab Can Still Be Luxurious There’s a common misconception that high-end luxury drug rehab treatment services must cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. It has become almost a norm to hear of pristine private treatment centers in areas like California, Florida, Texas, Hawaii & Arizona charging upwards of 50 to even as much as 80 thousand dollars per month for services! In fact, low cost drug rehab can still be luxurious and of high quality. While some people are so fortunately situated to pay such extraordinary rates, the majority simply cannot and must submit themselves to whichever rehabilitation services might be available within their price range. Unfortunately, however, when all you have is a few thousand dollars to spend on helping yourself or your loved one recover from alcoholism or drug addiction, the options…

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Drug Rehabs & Treatment Centers with High Success

Drug Rehabs & Treatment Centers with High Success If you scour the internet for drug rehabs and other types of addiction & alcoholism treatment centers you’ll notice countless places bragging about their enormously high success rates. You might see numbers as high as 70, 80 or even 90%. The million dollar question is, what is their definition of success, and how was it measured, and by what scientific rigor? Be wary of claims of treatment centers with high success. Does a high success rate to them mean staying sober throughout the extent of their residential treatment program? Does it mean staying sober for a specified period of time following completion of their program? If so, who monitors it and how do they verify the accuracy? What if they cannot reach past program clients, do they count that as a success…

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“High Success Rate” in Drug Rehab-Treatment

“High Success Rate” in Drug Rehab-Treatment If you or someone you know happens to be searching for a drug rehab or treatment center online that focuses on addiction and/or alcoholism recovery services, you may notice many facilities boast a high success rate that is better than the rest. The concern is that, unlike with many other medical issues, in the world of addiction and alcoholism recovery, success is measured on a multitude of levels and therefore, has many different interpretations. Some treatment centers’ idea of “success” is merely for a client to complete their 30, 45, 70 or 90 day residential drug rehab program without having relapsed during therapy. This is definitely not an accurate benchmark of success. After all, during this time their car keys, money and freedom were likely outside of their possession so it does not depict a real-life…

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Benefits of Holistic Drug Rehab

Benefits of Holistic Drug Rehab Over recent years there has been a growing popularity in drug rehabs and addiction treatment centers offering holistic recovery services for their patients in recovery from alcoholism, codependency, smoking cessation, drug addiction, or other forms of addiction such as gambling and food addiction. It is very common to see such facilities in prominent regions like Malibu, Orange County and Los Angeles in California, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, and across North America and Europe. A very common question among those seeking treatment is, “what exactly does holistic treatment entail?” Does is mean vitamin regimens? Healthy cuisine? Yoga? Physical Fitness and so on? The truth is that each holistic rehabilitation center has their own conception of holistic treatment. Many facilities incorporate physical activities along with spiritual practices in order to help their clients become better acquainted with the…

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How to Avoid Relapse After Treatment

How to Avoid Relapse After Treatment Honesty, Open-mindedness and Willingness are Indispensable Most drug rehabs and addiction & alcoholism treatment centers provide a standard level of care for a primary initial time period and then offer additional step-down programs that enable the client to gradually reintegrate themselves into the rigors of daily life while outside the protective bubble of treatment. During this time, the client would normally have the opportunity to essentially test out some of the many relapse prevention techniques he or she had learned during the treatment process, but in an environment that offers more leeway to encounter some of life’s daily hurdles. Preparing to prevent relapse after treatment is essential. The first thing to keep in mind is this; if the person is not truly committed to recovery and willing to take contrary action then the entire…

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