Winter Blues? Sad? Struggling with Addiction?

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Struggling with Addiction this Winter? It’s dark in the morning and dark in the afternoon. The holidays are over and spring is way off in the far too-distant future. It’s cold. This is the season when depression sets in deep. As if compulsive drug use, drug addiction, drinking alcohol and alcoholism aren’t difficult enough, this time of year makes struggling with addiction extra unbearable. Winter blues (or seasonal affective disorder, SAD), pill taking, depression, alcoholic drinking and addiction often go hand in hand. This is also an especially trying time for anyone in recovery to be prone to relapse. Dark and cold days give way to long and icy nights. For anyone recovering or suffering from alcoholism or other addiction, this time of year is fraught with the temptation to try to escape with drugs and alcohol. If this sounds familiar…

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What is Co-Dependency?

What is Co-Dependency?   Here is a quick question to ask yourself. If you were drowning, would someone else’s life flash before your eyes? This may seem funny, but in reality the co-dependent, as the ‘co’ part of the term implies, is at least equally entangled in the family dysfunction as the addict. However, the co-dependent person’s behavior is usually seen by themselves and others as love and concern, which usually masks the unintended toxic effects. The co-dependent person considers the alcoholic/addict, or other people, places and things, as being the problem. They usually see themselves as stoic, unappreciated victims. Others view them with sympathy. Why do we rarely see co-dependent people, or care-takers coming to treatment? Because by the very nature of the condition, they don’t see themselves as having a problem, and are masterful at controlling their environment…

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Affordable International Private Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment – Overview

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Serenity Vista International Private Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment Program Overview Serenity Vista international private drug rehab & alcohol treatment is independently rated one of the world’s TOP TEN Alcohol & Drug Rehabs.  Additionally, Worlds Best Rehab Magazine, the definitive guide for International Rehab and Treatment facilities, has awarded the magazine’s highest accolade to Serenity Vista Panama as “one of the world’s best rehabs“, recognized for it’s “outstanding and transformative work with clients and exceptional success rate over many years.” Serenity Vista Rehab in Panama celebrates an Outstanding Achievement Award and Recognition as World’s Best Rehab in the Caribbean Also, read a comprehensive 4 star evaluation of Serenity Vista’s exemplary program here. Serenity Vista is an exceptional, yet affordable, top luxury private drug rehab & alcohol treatment facility in tropical Caribbean paradise. It provides the best, top choice, highest quality addiction…

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