Happy – Life Before & After Addiction

Happy recovery. Serenity Vista Alcohol & Drug Rehab, Alcoholism

Happy – A Time Before Addiction   Do you remember being happy before addiction? Do you remember a more innocent era? Being happy? Can you recount a time when you could wake up and look at yourself in the mirror guilt free? Back then, you felt with every fiber of your being that life was good and held immense promise for you. Recall those early and easy days free of struggle. Sure, there were bad days. But even on your worst day, when things felt out of control, you found comfort knowing that things would work out. How great it would be to return to that point in your life. To simply be happy. Can you remember a time when the future looked bright? Perhaps you were young, starting out your life on your own. It was a time when the…

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Question Your Addiction Beliefs

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Self-Inquiry – A Path from Mistaken Addiction Beliefs To Recovery Once you begin to question your addiction beliefs, the path to recovery has begun. People often experience amazement when they get to treatment or into the rooms of recovery for the first time. Most people think the problem is with their consumption of alcohol, other drugs, or destructive behavior like codependency.  Then they hear in the rooms that the alcohol is only a symptom of the real problem. When you question beliefs, you may be surprised. What starts to reveal offers hope for further growth. WHAT? The Problem Isn’t the Alcohol or other Drugs? Nope. Sure it may seem surprising, but you know what? The substance use is not the problem. There is a well known saying in the rooms of recovery: If you are a problem drinker, and you quit drinking,…

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The Grip of Addiction

Freedom from the Grip of Addiction at Serenity Vista drug rehab, addiction treatment, alcoholism

Addiction Takes Hold   The snare of addiction Do you find yourself in the snare of addiction? If so, you know the routine as only other alcoholics and addicts do. You wake up, shake off the guilt, and go about your day. “Today is different,” you say. You look back over the past days, months, and years of destructive behavior and negative consequences, and commit firmly to quitting. Whatever it is – smoking, gambling, drugs, drinking, pornography – whatever your addiction, you tell yourself it’s merely yesterday’s struggle. You move ahead confidently. Today, you’ll finally kick your ‘habit’. It always gets worse But as the day goes on, you grow uneasy. First doubt, then fear, and finally the fiend sets in. Like claws pulling, you feel the increasing grip of addiction. By evening, provided you’ve made it that far, you’re exhausted. Anxiety…

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Independence from Addiction

independence from addiction at Serenity Vista international alcohol & drug addiction treatment center

Be Free of Addiction   Independence Current world events like the 4th of July, Canada Day, and the historic Brexit vote are making headlines in the news. This is the perfect time to re-evaluate the meaning of independence in the context of independence from addiction. Independence Day, for example, signals fireworks and family cookouts. For others, it stands for a proud and patriotic sovereignty. Some see it as an earned day off. But no matter the vast differences surrounding the phrase “Independence Day,” they all share a common theme. They all represent hard-earned freedom, autonomy, and the power to choose one’s own path. Likewise, Canada Day is recognized as an important and independent step toward becoming the united, individual, and free country that Canada is today. The ink is not yet fully dry on the Brexit verdict. But most recognize it…

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Rehab Success Rates

Rehab Success Rates at Serenity Vista International Addiction Treatment Center

Serenity Vista Success Rates From the Inbox: What is your drug rehab success rate for Serenity Vista…do you have any statistics? Dear Parent of an Addicted Adult Child, Thank you for contacting Serenity Vista to ask about our rehab success rates for opiate addiction. Opiate addiction is epidemic right now, as I’m sure you are all too sadly aware, and is of grave concern as it is life threatening resulting in many deaths. We discuss that issue in a recent article on our website. As for ‘rehab success rates’, we intentionally don’t quote any specific numbers at Serenity Vista alcohol & drug rehab. You may find some centers that quote great numbers with claims like ‘greater than 80% success’, but be wary of what that data is based on. What kind of objective scientific rigor was put into determining those numbers,…

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Chart Your Course Toward Sobriety

adjust the sails

Head Toward Sobriety If you are a drug addict or alcoholic cruising through life one fix after another, it’s time to re-evaluate your current course and calibrate your compass toward sobriety before you run aground. Caught in a succession of storms and constantly making repairs, it has probably been a very long time since you looked out over the horizon and asked yourself “what direction am I heading?” Are you making way toward a specific destination with all your heart and mind focused on success? Do you hope to arrive at sobriety some day? Or, like most active addicts, are you lost and adrift like a ship without a rudder? Or worse, are you living life at full speed ahead but asleep at the helm? If so, it’s only a matter of time until you end up on the rocks. Stormy Seas…

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Four Recovery Keys to Break Chains of Addiction

Four Recovery Keys to Break Chains of Addictions - 4 Keys To Recovery

Four Recovery Keys to Break the Chains of Addiction Are you or a loved one locked up by the grip of drug addiction or alcoholism? If so, you know all too well that it’s a painful prison. Every escape attempt is thwarted by impulsive and destructive substance abuse. But with the right recovery keys to the cage – the four recovery keys to lasting sobriety – you can break free. Key 1: The right track The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. At Serenity Vista, the path to freedom begins with the recovery keys offered in Step One of the Twelve Step program. This crucial and fundamental step is central to success when overcoming harmful drug addiction or alcoholism. Our innovative approach combines effective step work and a holistic drug treatment programs to offer a praised and…

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Overcome Addiction with the Power of Intention

Overcome Addiction with the Power of Intention at Serenity Vista Best Drug Rehab

Overcome Addiction with the Power of Intention If you’re an addict, do you ever occasionally ask yourself, “what are my intentions?” Although simple on the surface, this single question holds the power to keep you from that next fix, from relapsing. The power of intention as a spiritual practice can support you on a remarkable journey to overcome addiction to freedom. What are your intentions? Most addicts rarely think about their intentions. The problem with this is that we live in an increasingly misguided and unhealthy society. Left unchecked and unguided, an addict’s decisions are already made for him or her. The current world is full of distractions. Modern life promotes the need to achieve instant gratification and avoid pain or problems when they surface. The world today asks for everything pleasant right now and it wants it bigger, better, faster,…

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Top Five Recovery Facts Every Addict Should Know

View of ocean from drug rehab

  Five Recovery Facts Every Addict Should Know With the dawning of each new day, the active drug addict or alcoholic faces a painful reality. Each has his or her own version of darkness, each with a twisted series of repeated struggles and suffering. But despite the pain, shadows, and despair that define active addiction, the light of recovery is over the horizon. With knowledge comes power. The following facts are several empowering examples: You are not alone Addiction drives people into the shadows. There, lonely and hopeless, it’s easy to tell yourself that the world has forsaken you. But it’s just not true. There are many people devoted to lifting you up and helping you heal. It’s not an easy road, nor is it one that you must travel by yourself. Lift your head, look to the light, and there…

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