Successfully Overcoming Addiction: Why Self Help Doesn’t Help

not-self-help alone to successfully overcoming addiction at Serenity Vista drug rehab

WHY SELF HELP DOESN’T HELP   Successfully Overcoming Addiction During more than 40 years of helping addicts with successfully overcoming addiction, we’re often asked why treating addiction with self help alone isn’t effective. Whether drug or alcohol abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, sex addiction, or codependency, most unguided and solo attempts at trying to quit come crashing down in an eventual relapse. Why, despite firm commitment and full faith, why can’t addicts just quit on their own? When successfully overcoming addiction is the goal for the person in active addiction, why aren’t will power and determination effective? You Can’t Do it Alone For one, addiction is a persistent and complex condition. And just like other debilitating ailments – whether broken bones, cancer, or deep psychological trauma – getting professional help is crucial for healing at all stages from evaluation to…

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Overcome Addiction with the Power of Intention

Overcome Addiction with the Power of Intention at Serenity Vista Best Drug Rehab

Overcome Addiction with the Power of Intention If you’re an addict, do you ever occasionally ask yourself, “what are my intentions?” Although simple on the surface, this single question holds the power to keep you from that next fix, from relapsing. The power of intention as a spiritual practice can support you on a remarkable journey to overcome addiction to freedom. What are your intentions? Most addicts rarely think about their intentions. The problem with this is that we live in an increasingly misguided and unhealthy society. Left unchecked and unguided, an addict’s decisions are already made for him or her. The current world is full of distractions. Modern life promotes the need to achieve instant gratification and avoid pain or problems when they surface. The world today asks for everything pleasant right now and it wants it bigger, better, faster,…

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Transformation After Addiction

Transformation From Addiction

Transformation After Addiction At Serenity Vista, the premier luxury private-pay rehab retreat in Panama, we help recovering drug addicts and alcoholics with complete transformation of their lives. We combine nearly a half century of treatment expertise, a deeply compassionate staff, and highly individualized holistic programs. Above physical sobriety and beyond freedom from addictive behavior, we take addiction recovery to the next level by offering a transformative recovery experience not found elsewhere. Naturally a renewed, healthy, and sober life sounds wonderful to anyone struggling from alcoholism or drug addiction. And while a fresh and substance-free life is indeed a well-earned reward, by its very nature, it represents a major life change. Let’s face it. Change is tough. Even if the change is positive, it is never easy. Most people resist or avoid it altogether, and they tend to get comfortable with…

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Early Addiction Recovery Travel

Sober early addiction recovery travel advice tips from Serenity Vista holistic drug rehab in tropical Panama

In Early Addiction Recovery Travel Needs Special Consideration MAINTAIN YOUR EARLY ADDICTION RECOVERY WHEN AWAY FROM HOME Maintaining a healthy daily routine is hard for anyone. This is especially true while away from home. For someone recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction, the thought of maintaining sobriety on the road, whether for business or pleasure, is daunting. In early recovery, temptation is strongest and addicts are at their most vulnerable. Early addiction recovery travel can be potentially dangerous and put sobriety at risk of relapse. A major component to addiction treatment is re-establishing habits by trading the unhealthy for the beneficial. Building positive habits requires long term daily repetition and reinforcement. The last thing a recovering alcoholic or addict needs is to have his or her progress disrupted by a broken routine. A week-long conference for work, a few days…

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Stress Reduction Addiction Treatment Rehab

stress reduction addiction treatment rehab at Serenity Vista private rehab in Panama

Stress reduction addiction treatment rehab In active addiction and also in recovery, stress is normal. It’s not always bad, but when left unchecked and unexamined, it can be downright debilitating. Stress often gets a bad rap, but a certain amount of stress is healthy. In a totally tension-less or stress-free state, we’re either asleep, in deep meditation, or dead. As a powerful and healthy alternative to apathy or laziness, positive stress is a powerful force that motivates us to action and inspires change. But at other times, when pushed to extreme levels, stress and discord can be physically and mentally destructive. The effects of prolonged stress on the body are well documented, and nearly everyone – addict or otherwise – is familiar with the miserable feeling of being over-stressed at one point or another. Stress reduction addiction treatment rehab recovery is…

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Addiction Recovery Now

Best day rehab program for Addiction Recovery Now. Here and now is the time and place. Serenity Vista.

Addiction Recovery Now If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.― Lao Tzu One of the surest ways to disrupt inner peace on the road to addiction recovery now is to live outside of the present moment. Rehashing a painful past cannot repair it. Worrying about the future does not solve tomorrow’s problems. Instead, both strip recovering addicts of their peace today and prevent them from living in the present. MIXED MEMORY – RELIVING AN INCOMPLETE PAST How often have you caught yourself swept up in old memories? For addicts, these thoughts of yesterday are usually dark and regretful reflections. Their minds are typically trapped in the past, reliving painful experiences repeatedly as if they are real…

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Angel & Demon Voices of Addiction and Recovery

voices of addiction and recovery reviewed by Serenity Vista private international alcohol and drug rehab retreat; Listen to the small still voice

ANGEL & DEMON VOICES OF ADDICTION AND RECOVERY As most drug addicts and alcoholics know, addiction has two faces with two distinct voices. And an addict is constantly pulled between them. There are two voices of addiction and recovery. The first voice, who we’ll simply call the “angel”, is the voice of reason. This is the small and gentle self speaking up occasionally to let the alcoholic or addict know something is wrong. Their life is off track. They’re making poor choices. They’re letting friends and family down. All of these are signals sent from the angel. Others might call this voice one’s conscience, or “Jiminy Cricket.” Whatever the name, the fact remains. This inner voice is a constant presence in the mind of an addict. Deep down, they know their addictive behavior is destructive. Each day, after repeated failures and innumerable bad…

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Life After Active Addiction

Life After Active Addiction can be one of transformation to freedom and abundance at Serenity Vista

Life After Active Addiction Most addicts live with a constant hunger for freedom yet can not imagine a healthy life after active addiction. They chase substances hoping for temporary relief. But they are quickly overcome by the familiar feeling of being trapped and wanting to be free. It’s a vicious cycle, that despite their best efforts, few are able to break away from on their own. Does this sound familiar for you or a loved one? If the reoccurring pain of addiction is a reality for you, we invite you to try this: Right now, wherever you are and whatever you are doing – stop – and for the next few minutes, try very hard to imagine a life without addiction. Let go of every fear and doubt you have – if only for a few minutes – and set…

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Ready For A Life Change ? Change Your Thinking : Transform Your Life!

Carpe Diem Recovery

Profound Life Change   The number one reason you aren’t living the life of your dreams: Your own thinking   The 3 C’s for Life Change Successfully facing the negative qualities of your life requires 3 C’s; courage, commitment, and consistency. If you are ready for infinite growth past your addictive and destructive behaviours, then now is the time! Panama is the place. Having a safe and nurturing place to examine and challenge your old ways of thinking, allows you to transform your life beyond your wildest dreams. Your old ways create chaos, confusion, darkness and fear. It is your time to move into the light, and claim your birthright of freedom and peace of mind. Not just traditional drug addiction treatment or drug rehab center, it is a profound life change that bears delicious fruit. Symptoms of Distorted Thinking What…

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