Happy Mother’s Day?

Thoughts on Mother’s Day Now there is an emotionally charged topic – for almost everyone! Popular culture would have us believe that all mothers should be, or have been, nurturing, loving and sweet, dishing out wisdom, unconditional love, and healthy delicious meals. Well, that would be nice, and in some cases this is true. Unfortunately however, especially in homes affected by addiction, there are often big helpings of dysfunction served as the main course, if not also the side dishes and dessert. If you grew up in an alcoholic home, your mom may have been either the alcoholic or the co-dependent enabler, or both. Your mom may still be drinking, or making excuses for your father’s or sibling’s addict behaviour. Your mom may be trying to keep you, or pull you back into the toxic family dynamic where you got…

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Addiction: My Mom Is Abusing Drugs

help for my mom

How Can I Help My Mom?   What can I do if I think my mom is abusing drugs or struggling with alcoholism or other addiction? It can be very hard to know how to handle a parent’s drinking or drug abuse, whether you’re an adult son or daughter, or a young person that still lives at home. It can feel like you’re forced into the position of having to parent your own parent. But it’s important to remember that your mom isn’t alone. She has an important ally: you. And she doesn’t have to fight drug abuse all on her own. There are better ways that can help her make progress toward recovery. Click here to learn more about how to support a loved one through addiction. How Do I React if My Mom is Addicted to Drugs? But…

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My Son Needs Rehab


How Do I Get My Loved One Into Treatment? My Son Needs Rehab I can’t get my son to move out of my basement. I am always telling him about jobs he can apply for, but  he just won’t try. I hate the smell of marijuana in the house, and cleaning up after him. He is 27 years old. My Daughter Needs Addiction Treatment My daughter is wild, she is always dropping her kids off with me so she can go party. And then she needs help to buy food for the kids.  Why won’t she get treatment? My Husband Needs to Sober Up I’ve tried everything to get my husband to stop drinking. He lies and manipulates me, and knows how to keep me hanging on.  He is just like my father, and all my ex’s. My Wife Is…

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