The Myth of Willpower in Alcoholism

Myth of willpower

Willpower to Recover from Alcoholism is a Myth It makes sense that some people think alcoholics just need willpower to recover from alcoholism. It seems that will-power can be used to lose weight, get good grades or a new job – but with the disease of alcoholism self-will just doesn’t work. What We Hear About Willpower To Recover From Others: If he really wanted to quit, he would.   She has always been selfish and weak-willed. You’d think she stay sober for her kids.   Why does he always overdo it when we are drinking? He has no will-power to stop when he should. These are common sentiments we hear from people who do not understand the disease of addiction. We don’t blame people for thinking like that, it is not our job to educate the whole world about alcoholism.…

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Five (more) Myths of Addiction Treatment

Hummingbird as seen around Serenity Vista Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Myths   MYTH 1: ADDICTION IS CURABLE Is there a cure for addiction? This is a common myth of addiction treatment based upon a lack of understanding of the disease nature of alcoholism and other forms of addiction. The notion of a “cure” is about a one-shot quick fix which is contrary to the nature of addiction. Despite great advances, modern medicine has yet to develop such a “cure”.  It’s true that there are medications available today, but these are only effective in initial stages of recovery and when combined with comprehensive recovery programs. For addiction is a chronic, progressive disease. Yes, it requires treatment, but the goal of treatment is to arrest the progression and reverse the negative consequences, to effectively put the addiction into a type of ‘remission’, with hopefully an improved quality of life. And to…

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Five Common Addiction Myths

Serenity Vista Examines Common Addiction Myths Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines the word addiction as a “strong and harmful need to regularly have something, or to do something.” While the definition clearly describes the terminology, it a far cry from what those who suffer from addiction actually go through. Those who have experienced the pain of addiction, either personally or with someone we love, know all too well that the illness of addiction is real, and there are many who do not have a full understanding of what it is, and what it is not. Addiction Myths can be harmful – even fatal. Addiction Myths and misconceptions about addictions are rampant, and the Internet is chalk-full of senseless theories regarding the realities of addiction. That is why we chose five of the most common addiction myths regarding addiction and rehabilitation, and debunk them.…

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