Nicotine Addiction is Drug Addiction

Active Nicotine Addiction in Drug Rehab

How Quitting Smoking in Rehab Helps You Get – and Stay – Sober Smoking in rehab and recovery has long been widely accepted. Picture a 12-Step meeting – what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Mainstream rehabs suggest that it’s too hard to quit all your vices at once; that allowing smoking is the lesser of all evils, as compared to other substances. But this practice isn’t based on truth, and it’s hurting many people in recovery. Many people start smoking, or start smoking more heavily, in rehab – a practice that can prove more deadly than the substance they intend to recover from. In reality, the commonly held beliefs that underlie this phenomenon are dated, and new research shows a number of reasons why quitting smoking in rehab actually makes the recovery process easier and more successful.  A…

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More Women Aren’t Getting the Help They Need for Alcohol Addiction

Treatment for Women

More Women Need Help for Alcohol Addiction A concerning new trend shows that women are struggling more than ever with alcohol abuse, but still receiving less treatment for alcohol addiction. According to a study by the Research Society on Alcoholism earlier this year, researchers found that among those with alcohol-related cirrhosis (a serious liver disease that’s one of the most severe complications of alcoholism), women were less likely than men to receive substance abuse treatment. Even more alarming was the fact that the rates of women diagnosed with drinking-related cirrhosis spiked 50 percent between 2009 to 2016. In many ways, we’re living in a modern world where men and women now share many familial and financial obligations. But women still tend to bear the brunt of child care responsibilities and therefore have less earning opportunities, which makes it harder for…

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Rehab To Quit Smoking?

nicotine addiction recovery

Residential Treatment For Smoking Cessation Stats say in the US: 70% percent of all nicotine users want to quit.  So I get that most people can’t quit on their own – but residential treatment? That seems extreme. Nicotine addiction is drug addiction. Make no mistake about that. If you are still smoking, you are in active drug addiction. Addiction can be defined as continuing to use a substance (or behavior) despite negative consequences. Ask yourself if that applies to your smoking behaviors. Being an active nicotine addict means a continuous dance between physiological nicotine withdrawal, emotional, mental and physical craving, and replenishing the nicotine in the body, 10 – 30 times a day. OK, maybe so, but what happens in nicotine addiction treatment? Will I be with other addicts? Addiction is addiction is addiction. No matter what addiction a person…

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Nicotine Addiction and Drug Rehab

why won't my spouse go to Al-Anon

Smoking is Nicotine Addiction If you are still smoking, you are an active drug addict. That may sound harsh, especially if you are in recovery, and have stopped using alcohol or other drugs…except nicotine. Nicotine addiction IS drug addiction. Period. Tobacco use kills more people than all other illicit drugs combined, yet this is often denied in the recovery community. Back in the ‘old days’ of 12 Step meetings, one of the first basic jobs for newcomers was to wash ashtrays. AA meant coffee and cigarrettes. Even the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous said not to worry about smoking cigarettes. It is very noteworthy though, that the two co-founders, Dr. Bob, and Bill W., both died early deaths from emphysema due to smoking. So, times have changed, no one denies the toxic properties of tobacco anymore, and the powerful addictive…

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Help Alcoholic Loved Ones

Help alcoholic loved one in active addiction

Alcoholic Loved Ones   Do You Live within Active Addiction? If someone you love is addicted to alcohol, nicotine or other drugs, you understand all too well the daily struggles and endless torment that alcoholism and other forms of addiction brings. Many times, you’ve likely found yourself at the painful end of numerous irrational arguments or substance-fueled shouting matches. You’ve tried to help alcoholic loved ones, tried to talk to them, but it always ends in disappointment. It’s a endless cycle of failure and frustration. It is also a cycle of fear. Maybe your loved one will disappear for days or even weeks on end without you or anyone else knowing where they are. You may know the feeling of constantly worrying and hoping you won’t get that fated phone call in the middle of the night, telling you that something awful…

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Humility as Spiritual Practice in Addiction Rehab

Humility as Spiritual Practice in Addiction Rehab at Serenity Vista International Private Affordable Holistic 12 step Addiction Treatment Rehab Spiritual Retreat

Humility as Spiritual Practice in Addiction Rehab What Does Humility Look Like? One of the first spiritual principles that a person new in recovery, or new in an alcohol rehab treatment program encounters is humility. It is a concept that is pretty much universally balked at upon first glance. In our society, the concept of humility is often confused with humiliation. Newcomers often liken humility to being a doormat. As a weakness. And it is no wonder why humility has a hard time of it!! Look at the heroes of popular culture. Ironman, Terminator, Revenge, Retribution, Payback – this is what inspires the majority of persons of our culture in this time. Take a good look at any marquee list, or best seller list. Humility doesn’t draw crowds or go on talk shows. There is not much ‘action’ in quiet…

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STEP 2: Came To Believe…

Step Two of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) - discussed by addiction treatment rehab retreat at Serenity Vista

Step Two: Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity Step One: We admitted we were powerless – that our lives had become unmanageable Last month we talked about Step One of the 12 Step program. Step One of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program and other twelve step fellowships is about admitting defeat, accepting that you are an alcoholic, or other form of addict.  Step One has us admit that our lives had become unmanageable. Our best efforts at navigating through life had failed. All of our great ideas and efforts to manipulate and control outcomes had failed. We were completely out of sync with life. The joy and harmony that our Creator wants for us had long since fled, if it was ever there for us at all. The first step to recovery…

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Meditation for Addiction Recovery

Polished like an opal

MEDITATION   Living peacefully in the present is just about the opposite of how a drug addict or alcoholic would describe his or her life. That’s why Serenity Vista places so much emphasis on meditation for addiction recovery. An addict’s mind in active addiction can be wild beyond imagination. In addiction, the mind is tormented by pain, irritation, distraction, paranoia, and barrage of negative images and uncontrollable impulses. When racked with guilt and out of control, the addict’s thought process is its own worst enemy. Negative thought patterns cycle like warped and scratched records. Limiting beliefs and dark internal monologues cast clouds of doubt across their every notion. When left to its own devices, the mind of addiction is a prison cell. There is an old saying. “The wild mind is a cruel master, but the calm mind is a loyal…

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Researching Rehabs

Researching Rehabs to Find Your Best Fit Are you or someone you love considering entering a rehab for addiction to alcohol, nicotine or other drugs? If you or someone close to you is suffering from a drug or behavioural or mental health issue like depression or anxiety, understand that untreated, things will probably get worse. Addiction is not a disease that can be treated in isolation. Addiction recovery rehabilitation is the best bet for healing and health. So, you have decided to get professional treatment, now what? Researching rehabs is often at the top of the list. How do I find the right treatment facility? There are many factors to consider when researching rehabs to find the best, affordable, alcohol treatment, nicotine or other drug addiction rehab facility. We’ll examine a few. Investment Costs for Recovery One of the biggest concerns…

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