My Child: Opioid Addiction?

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Does my child have opioid addiction? Of course, no parent wants to ask themselves such a painful question. Does my child have opioid addiction? To consider the possibility that their son or daughter is a drug addict is too terrible a thought for many parents. But unfortunately, that tragic reality hits home for many parents around the world today, as we are living amidst a global opioid addiction epidemic. It’s estimated that in America alone, 40 people die every day from pain killer overdose. And the opioid crisis is worsening rather than resolving, fueled in part by the Covid-19 pandemic. What exactly are opioids? In simple terms, opioids are a class of potent pain-relief medications, often referred to as opiates or narcotics. They are chemical variations or derivatives of opium originating from the poppy plant. These commonly prescribed strong drugs include…

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Independence from Addiction

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Be Free of Addiction   Independence Current world events like the 4th of July, Canada Day, and the historic Brexit vote are making headlines in the news. This is the perfect time to re-evaluate the meaning of independence in the context of independence from addiction. Independence Day, for example, signals fireworks and family cookouts. For others, it stands for a proud and patriotic sovereignty. Some see it as an earned day off. But no matter the vast differences surrounding the phrase “Independence Day,” they all share a common theme. They all represent hard-earned freedom, autonomy, and the power to choose one’s own path. Likewise, Canada Day is recognized as an important and independent step toward becoming the united, individual, and free country that Canada is today. The ink is not yet fully dry on the Brexit verdict. But most recognize it…

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