Am I A High Functioning Alcoholic?

business woman alcoholic

The High-Functioning Alcoholic What do I do if I am a high functioning alcoholic? The most common form of substance abuse in North America is alcohol; it affects millions of people all over Canada, the United States, Europe and Latin America. Although it is very common, alcoholism is not always easy to spot. People may not suspect alcoholism if there are still two cars in the garage and an intact high-powered career. It is sometimes much harder for a successful alcoholic to accept that they have a problem with their drinking. Close family members may know your drinking habits. They may even be considering an intervention. Your spouse, child or parents may lay awake at night wondering about your alcohol induced antics while you are still in denial about your alcohol use. Sometimes the last person to know about the…

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Recovery Outside The Box : The Benefits of Traveling for Addiction Recovery

When is the best time to go to rehab? Rehab now. Serenity Vista rehab in tropical paradise

Benefits of Traveling for Addiction Recovery When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. – Henry Ford Traveling for addiction recovery offers fresh perspectives allowing for transformative change. When considering all the options out there for addiction recovery, you will find there are all types of programs. There are in-patient, out-patient, in-state, out-of-state, national, and international addiction treatment facilities. Some drug rehabs are 12 step based or holistic in nature. Many are large institutions, some are small, private alcohol & drug rehabs. Many are local, close to home, others are international in scope in travel destinations abroad, out of country. It is important to consider your needs and resources in choosing the best program for you. There are many options to choose from. There are a lot of good…

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Want to Stop Drinking? Tired of Addiction?

Want to stop drinking. End addiction. Get sober. Tune Up - Get Sober

Tired of Alcoholism or other Addiction? Want to stop drinking Do you want to stop drinking? Are you tired of addiction? Does it drag you down, run you around, and ultimately leave you with nothing to show for? Are you sick &  tired of being sick & tired? Sound familiar for you or someone you love? Maybe you decided previously that you want to stop drinking, to kick addiction to alcohol or other drugs, once and for all, and get sober. And perhaps you’ve tried it all; self-help techniques, will power, local group therapy sessions, working out at the gym, religion, detox juices, fasting and cleanses, and perhaps even rehab in the past. Maybe you even managed to stop drinking or using drugs for a while. But yet again addiction has won you over. And like many times before, it has…

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International Drug Rehab and Your Privacy

Private Drug Rehab - space to breath, rehabilitation, alcoholism, addiction, drug rehab

International Drug Rehab and your Privacy It is hard enough when your drinking or drug use is out of control to make a decision to get help. Addiction does not hold the stigma that it used to, but if you do go to treatment, it does not have to be the business of your employer, your medical records, your government or the general  public. Although there are laws in place to protect health related privacy, often information still leaks out, or is gathered or reported by people you’d rather not know your private affairs. Read more about government privacy laws for addiction rehabilitation here. An emerging trend on social media sites, many promoted by addiction treatment centers, is people posting before and after recovery photographs of themselves. It is also becoming common practice for drug rehab facilities to post video…

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Addiction Recovery at one of The Best Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

Serenity Vista private international addiction treatment is best drug rehab center.

  Contact Us   Rated Among the Top Ten Rehabs in the World Serenity Vista was independently rated among the top ten rehabs in the world. This places Serenity Vista international, private holistic rehab among the company of world leaders in addiction treatment including the Betty Ford Center, Addiction Solutions of Florida, Hope by the Sea in California, The Caron Foundation, and the Cirque Lodge in Sundance, Utah. Of all places, the Republic of Panama boasts one of the Top Ten private treatment facilities in the world. Serenity Vista with its roots coming from Canada has world class professionals and facilities. Serenity Vista offers a modern approach to recovery and incorporates health and wellness in its approach to a full recovery. Serenity Vista is featured on the reputable SoberRecovery among the top world leading alcohol & drug rehab centers: Serenity…

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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem Recovery

Seize The Day?   The popular Latin phrase Carpe Diem is usually translated as ‘seize the day’. Not that I am a Latin scholar, but I did find out that the translation of ‘Carpe’ is more literally ‘pluck’, mostly as in picking fruit. Carpe Diem then, is more accurately translated as ‘Enjoy the day, pluck the day when it is ripe’. What a difference! To seize is defined as ‘to take hold of suddenly or forcibly; grasp’. Sound familiar? This is how most people in active addiction live their lives, perpetually grappling with the Universe, then complaining about the goods. So, instead of Carpe Diem literally meaning ‘seizing the day’, we suggest that you try the new and improved “recovery” translation, living life on life’s terms, waiting for all things to come in their proper season, when they are best enjoyed.…

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International Private Rehab in Panama – Taoist Teaching Story

Taoist Teaching Story

Alcoholism: Good Luck or Bad Luck?     A story often told at Serenity Vista international private rehab: There was an old farmer who worked hard on his little farm. There was never any money left over, but the farmer did have one sturdy, fine horse that helped the man and his young adult son with the farm labour.   One morning the farmer woke to find that the horse had broken out of the pen, and ran away. The neighbours came over, shaking their heads. They told the farmer that he had very bad luck. The farmer replied, “Good luck, bad luck. Who knows?”   The next morning when the farmer woke, he found that his sturdy, fine horse had returned, bringing with him a small herd of wild horses. The neighbors came over, nodding their heads. They told…

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Crab-Dependency & Codependency Treatment

Crabs in the bucket

People-Pleasing Perils     Co-dependency, just like any other addiction, does kill. The person suffering from obsessive care-taking characteristic of codependency may not experience the dramatic death or lock up of an active alcoholic or addict, but they will surely die a spiritual, emotional or mental death. The family members and loved ones of addicts need recovery too. Codependency treatment can help those that are suffering from the same disease of addiction. First and foremost we recommend Al-Anon Family Groups, but many co-dependents need a residential treatment to learn the tools of recovery. The dynamics behind the destructive effects of codependency and co-dependent behaviors and relationships are difficult for many to grasp at first. This little metaphorical story helps to illustrate the need for codependency treatment: Crabs in a Bucket Demonstrate Codependency One day a little girl was down at a…

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Smoking in Drug Rehab

Stop Smoking Now

Active Addiction Allowed in Rehab?   I picked up tobacco again while I was in drug treatment   Email From Person Seeking Nicotine Addiction Treatment Smoking in drug rehab. I quit smoking tobacco 8 years ago. When I discovered I was pregnant, I found the willingness to stop using nicotine. Having a clean air environment for my son to grow and thrive in was important to me, and I stayed stopped. For 8 long years. Although I was able to put down the cancer sticks, I wasn’t able to put down my nightly glass of wine. Over the years, this glass turned into 2, then 3, then the full bottle, and then one bottle more. One morning my son was asking me why I was sleeping on the floor. I knew I needed help. I found a good treatment center,…

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