Joining My Son in Rehab

son in rehab letting go

Inquiry from Father: Can I come to support my son in rehab? Dear Serenity Vista, My 35-year-old son was just fired from his prestigious job because of his drinking. He has been struggling with alcohol for years. Now he has lost his job and his wife at the same time as a consequence of his alcoholism. He needs help! I’ve been searching online worldwide for the best international addiction treatment center because I am willing to help my son in rehab anywhere. Your program is impressive and I am recommending he come to Panama and attend Serenity Vista. He says he is willing to come. It sounds strange, but I am grateful and relieved that I will have my son in rehab. To help him feel comfortable with this change, I plan to rent an apartment in Boquete for the duration…

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Am I A High Functioning Alcoholic?

business woman alcoholic

The High-Functioning Alcoholic What do I do if I am a high functioning alcoholic? The most common form of substance abuse in North America is alcohol; it affects millions of people all over Canada, the United States, Europe and Latin America. Although it is very common, alcoholism is not always easy to spot. People may not suspect alcoholism if there are still two cars in the garage and an intact high-powered career. It is sometimes much harder for a successful alcoholic to accept that they have a problem with their drinking. Close family members may know your drinking habits. They may even be considering an intervention. Your spouse, child or parents may lay awake at night wondering about your alcohol induced antics while you are still in denial about your alcohol use. Sometimes the last person to know about the…

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Want to Stop Drinking? Tired of Addiction?

Want to stop drinking. End addiction. Get sober. Tune Up - Get Sober

Tired of Alcoholism or other Addiction? Want to stop drinking Do you want to stop drinking? Are you tired of addiction? Does it drag you down, run you around, and ultimately leave you with nothing to show for? Are you sick &  tired of being sick & tired? Sound familiar for you or someone you love? Maybe you decided previously that you want to stop drinking, to kick addiction to alcohol or other drugs, once and for all, and get sober. And perhaps you’ve tried it all; self-help techniques, will power, local group therapy sessions, working out at the gym, religion, detox juices, fasting and cleanses, and perhaps even rehab in the past. Maybe you even managed to stop drinking or using drugs for a while. But yet again addiction has won you over. And like many times before, it has…

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My Daughter is Addicted to Drugs

Hope for Your Daughter My daughter is in her 30’s and has a drug addiction. She has been to rehab many times. She is addicted to drugs. Been in jail at least twice. My ex allows her to live with her for the last several years, supporting her etc….my daughter can be so sweet, but she continues to use drugs. Dear Friend, Thanks for reaching out for help. Dealing with someone you love in active addiction is indeed heart-wrenching. Not feeling safe to talk about her addiction to alcohol or other drugs can often compound this grief. It is important for you to have someone who will listen to you without passing judgment, or giving advice you don’t ask for. Based on what is known about being addicted to drugs, the reason your daughter is an addict, is because she is…

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Tropical Rehab: Ten Things That Will Surprise You

When is the best time to go to rehab? Rehab now. Serenity Vista rehab in tropical paradise

Tropical Rehab Top Ten “Rehab.” We know, you’ve heard it all before. But before you decide once and for all that alcohol & drug rehab is not for you, consider these ten surprising facts about treating addiction at tropical rehab in a vacation paradise: 1. It’s fun While it is true that rehab is hard work, contrary to common belief it’s also a lot of fun, especially at Serenity Vista tropical rehab. Find out more about our fun and amazing activities here! 2. It’s friendly  No mean nurses or grumpy doctors here. Only dedicated, compassionate, and extremely friendly staff ready to make you feel at home at tropical rehab and get started helping you recover from addiction. 3. It’s relaxing Addiction and stress go hand in hand, which is why a major healing component at Serenity Vista Tropical Rehab is relaxation-centric…

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I Can’t Take it Anymore! My Husband Needs Rehab!


Dear Serenity Vista, Can You Help? My Husband Needs Rehab. The Early Days When my husband and I first got married I knew about his family and the past. His father was a highly respected doctor by day but a mean alcoholic by night. We would stay up late into the night when my husband was in law school and talk about all the things we’d never do to our future children. I couldn’t have foreseen our own need for addiction rehab someday. It started simply enough, a drink after classes and maybe a few more on weekends. Once my husband graduated from law school though, his drinking escalated. He started coming home drunk and would verbally berate me. I became his emotional ‘punching bag’ of sorts for the trials he had overcome during business hours. The First Round of…

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Recovery is Possible – At Any Age

Never Too Late For Sobriety

It is Never Too Late To Start Recovery  Ellen is now working on her second year in recovery, one day at a time My name is Ellen and I am an alcoholic. Last week I turned 70 years old. A few days later I had the greatest honour by celebrating my first AA Birthday! Who ever would think  I would be an elder and a toddler at the same time? Indeed, recovery is possible. The surprise gifts of life! In retrospect (hindsight is always 20/20), I have always dealt with alcohol and substance abuse as I sought out the non-existent comfort zone I craved. As a “functional alcoholic” for many years, the drinking continued and increased as I got older and had to deal with life. Danger: Retirement Ahead When I was 62 I retired from my career and sold my home. I moved…

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Addiction Recovery Fellowship

A Whole New Life   Crossing Over Through Addiction Recovery Fellowship Misery loves company. The same is true of addiction. Surrounding yourself with other people who are using and abusing substances and engaging in unhealthy behavior, creates more opportunity for denial; “I’m not as bad as those guys”. In contrast, addiction recovery fellowship fosters connection and healing. Many addicts fail to make progress in recovery because they are unable or unwilling to severe ties even when the relationships they’re in are unhealthy. They’re afraid of being judged by their current circle of friends, drinking buddies, fellow party-goes, business associates, customers, club or bar pals, and other enablers. When standing at the edge of a major change, it’s only natural to be afraid, whether of the unknown or of being lonely. This is why in the early stages of recovery, many alcoholics…

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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem Recovery

Seize The Day?   The popular Latin phrase Carpe Diem is usually translated as ‘seize the day’. Not that I am a Latin scholar, but I did find out that the translation of ‘Carpe’ is more literally ‘pluck’, mostly as in picking fruit. Carpe Diem then, is more accurately translated as ‘Enjoy the day, pluck the day when it is ripe’. What a difference! To seize is defined as ‘to take hold of suddenly or forcibly; grasp’. Sound familiar? This is how most people in active addiction live their lives, perpetually grappling with the Universe, then complaining about the goods. So, instead of Carpe Diem literally meaning ‘seizing the day’, we suggest that you try the new and improved “recovery” translation, living life on life’s terms, waiting for all things to come in their proper season, when they are best enjoyed.…

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