Scared of Drug Treatment!

Spectacular view in sobriety

Afraid of Addiction Treatment?   I Went Anyway, and am so Glad I Did! You’re at the spot in your addiction that you just can’t take it anymore. You are scared of drug treatment, but you can’t take the life threatening situations that putting harmful substances into your body gives. You are looking for a new way of life, but you’re scared of alcohol or drug treatment. Many people want to get better but don’t know how. Addiction rehab treatment is an option—maybe the best option—but you are terrified of walking through the front doors. You ask yourself, “Am I really an addict? Am I an alcoholic? Am I ready for drug treatment?” You contemplate your surroundings during addiction. You debate with the end results that they could bring: “Jails, institutions or something worse…” You tell yourself, “I want to change, but…

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Recover From Addiction with the Power of Nature

Nature & Addiction Recovery Pleasure and Pain Addicts are faced with many challenges when facing how to recover from addiction. Among them, one of the greatest difficulties is contending with a strong desire for sensory pleasure. On one level, addiction is a disease of feelings. Addicts and alcoholics smoke, drink, gamble, and engage in other compulsive behavior because it feels good. Many others seek pleasure to avoid the pain of guilt, shame, sadness, loss, anger, remorse, repression, etc. Surprisingly, this desire for pleasure isn’t exclusive to addicts. Many people in the general population, wanting to escape discomfort, will turn to junk food or television. While others turn to more healthy stress-relieving stimulus such as reading, talking with friends over coffee or tea, exercise, or solitude. The common thread is the desire to exchange negative feelings with pleasant ones. The difference with addiction…

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Adventure & Outdoor Recreation

frangii at Serenity Vista, Panama

Outdoor Adventure & Recreation All Part of Serenity Vista’s Comprehensive Holistic Therapy Drug rehabilitation is an opportunity for new adventures and ways of seeing the world. Leave the snow and cold behind, come and heal in Panama! Throughout your recovery program a variety of holistic therapies are included. Each week, as part of Serenity Vista’s comprehensive holistic approach to addiction recovery & spiritual exploration, a full day is devoted to eco-friendly, outdoor recreation and adventure that will facilitate your connection with nature and invigorate your body, mind and spirit. Activities are varied with a healthy balance of challenge, stimulation and ability. Holistic Therapies Yoga, massage, meditation, mindfulness, spiritual exploration and development, and healthy nutrition. Click here for more about our holistic approach. Zip-Lining – A Thrilling World-Class Ride Glide through the canopy of cloud forests, high above the pristine rivers and waterfalls that make up the incredible natural landscapes bordering…

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