Successfully Overcoming Addiction: Why Self Help Doesn’t Help

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WHY SELF HELP DOESN’T HELP   Successfully Overcoming Addiction During more than 40 years of helping addicts with successfully overcoming addiction, we’re often asked why treating addiction with self help alone isn’t effective. Whether drug or alcohol abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, sex addiction, or codependency, most unguided and solo attempts at trying to quit come crashing down in an eventual relapse. Why, despite firm commitment and full faith, why can’t addicts just quit on their own? When successfully overcoming addiction is the goal for the person in active addiction, why aren’t will power and determination effective? You Can’t Do it Alone For one, addiction is a persistent and complex condition. And just like other debilitating ailments – whether broken bones, cancer, or deep psychological trauma – getting professional help is crucial for healing at all stages from evaluation to…

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Five Common Addiction Myths

Serenity Vista Examines Common Addiction Myths Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines the word addiction as a “strong and harmful need to regularly have something, or to do something.” While the definition clearly describes the terminology, it a far cry from what those who suffer from addiction actually go through. Those who have experienced the pain of addiction, either personally or with someone we love, know all too well that the illness of addiction is real, and there are many who do not have a full understanding of what it is, and what it is not. Addiction Myths can be harmful – even fatal. Addiction Myths and misconceptions about addictions are rampant, and the Internet is chalk-full of senseless theories regarding the realities of addiction. That is why we chose five of the most common addiction myths regarding addiction and rehabilitation, and debunk them.…

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Is There a Cure for Alcoholism & Addiction?

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Is There a Cure for Alcoholism & Addiction? Since drug addiction & alcoholism first reared their ugly heads, many have searched high and low for possible cures to these horrible, family-shattering, job-ending, freedom-stealing maladies. Today, people can search online or even see tv commercials of treatment centers and recovery services advertising their version of “The Cure” to drug addiction and/or alcoholism. The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of experienced, licensed treatment professionals agree that no “cure” exists for addiction and/or alcoholism, nor is it likely a cure will emerge anytime in the near future. When trying to ascertain why exactly that is, we must first understand a couple of key points. When discussing the prospect of actually curing such maladies there are two elements to consider. The first is, eliminating the mental obsession taking place in the…

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