Joining My Son in Rehab

son in rehab letting go

Inquiry from Father: Can I come to support my son in rehab? Dear Serenity Vista, My 35-year-old son was just fired from his prestigious job because of his drinking. He has been struggling with alcohol for years. Now he has lost his job and his wife at the same time as a consequence of his alcoholism. He needs help! I’ve been searching online worldwide for the best international addiction treatment center because I am willing to help my son in rehab anywhere. Your program is impressive and I am recommending he come to Panama and attend Serenity Vista. He says he is willing to come. It sounds strange, but I am grateful and relieved that I will have my son in rehab. To help him feel comfortable with this change, I plan to rent an apartment in Boquete for the duration…

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Creative Rehab Art Therapy Fosters Healing & Spiritual Growth

Panama Mola as seen near Serenity Vista Drug Rehab

Heal Self Destructive Addictive Behaviors  Creators and Destroyers – It’s All About Control Let’s consider why creative rehab art therapy is important for holistic healing from addiction or codependency and how it fosters spiritual growth and recovery. We often think of creation and destruction as opposites. While they are, they also both stem from the same single impulse – a desire to control. Sometimes it is easier to recognize a controlling nature by seeing it mirrored in others. As extreme examples, consider two historical figures who possessed relentless and passionate minds. These two men, in the process of creating wistfully, destroyed themselves and others in their attempts to control the world around them. For instance, art historians agree that while Pablo Picasso was immensely creative, he was equally destructive. Nearly everyone is familiar with his brilliantly creative work. But what most…

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Ready For A Life Change ? Change Your Thinking : Transform Your Life!

Carpe Diem Recovery

Profound Life Change   The number one reason you aren’t living the life of your dreams: Your own thinking   The 3 C’s for Life Change Successfully facing the negative qualities of your life requires 3 C’s; courage, commitment, and consistency. If you are ready for infinite growth past your addictive and destructive behaviours, then now is the time! Panama is the place. Having a safe and nurturing place to examine and challenge your old ways of thinking, allows you to transform your life beyond your wildest dreams. Your old ways create chaos, confusion, darkness and fear. It is your time to move into the light, and claim your birthright of freedom and peace of mind. Not just traditional drug addiction treatment or drug rehab center, it is a profound life change that bears delicious fruit. Symptoms of Distorted Thinking What…

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“Let Me Explain…” A Phrase Often Heard in Early Addiction Recovery!

“Let Me Explain…” A Phrase Often Heard in Early Addiction Recovery!   Here’s a challenge. Listen for the words in active alcoholism or early addiction recovery, “Let me explain…”. Whose mouth do you hear them from first? Your own? I was working with a person today, discussing accountability. She asked, “What does rationalizing mean?” A long forgotten ‘slogan’ came immediately to mind, so I’ll share it here too, as the slogan of the day: The definition of rationalization: providing a socially acceptable reason for a socially unacceptable behavior. Learn the skills to be accountable for your own behavior, without excuses. It is impossible to clear away the wreckage of your own rationalizing and justifying using your own rationalizing and justifying. Get the help you need to find clarity, peace of mind and harmony. Yes, we love slogans and other forms of recovery…

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