Post Rehab Aftercare Suggestions


A Response From Serenity Vista With Post Rehab Aftercare Suggestions When we spend 45 – 90 days with a guest we come to care very deeply for them. We know the challenges are very great when a person returns home. Immediate post-rehab is a very slippery place. Our guests put a lot of effort into their Design For Living which is implemented immediately, beginning with stepping off the plane. The following is a response to an email received from a former guest. This former guest was wondering about an abrupt decision they had just made and wrote us for some feedback. We share these post rehab aftercare suggestions here for any other newcomers. Dear Former Guest, Hi! It is so good to hear from you. Thanks for writing. How do you know if your decision was the ‘right thing to…

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3 Tips for Navigating Recovery During the Holidays

Navigating Recovery During the Holidays Being a recovering alcoholic or addict is tough enough without all the temptations the holidays bring. Remember though, if sobriety doesn’t come first, nothing comes second. Missing out on some imagined ‘festivities’ is really not that big a deal, compared to living the whole rest of your life in sobriety with peace of mind. The holidays will pass, and then come round again. If you relapse, that relapse may not pass until it is too late for any other kind of party, ever. Now that the holidays are in full swing here are a few tips to help you make it through, sane and sober. Recovery during the holidays isn’t easy, but with these tips you can enjoy the season, your loved ones, and maybe even a bit of holiday happiness. While we have tried to put these tips…

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Good Rehab After Care Plan Includes Sponsor

Serenity Vista Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Good Rehab After Care Plan Includes Sponsor   Why do I need a Sponsor? Most addiction drug and alcohol treatment centers today include the 12 Step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous &  Narcotics Anonymous in their treatment curriculum. These programs are included for good reason.  Since the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA in 1939, the 12 Step programs have helped millions of people recover from alcoholism and other forms of addiction throughout the world. AA may not be for everyone, but it has worked the best, for the most. When dealing with the chronic, progressive and ultimately fatal disease of addiction, it is recommended that people use every tool available to avoid “the gates of insanity or death” which is where active addiction leads. A big part of the 12 Step Programs and the success of the individual is having,…

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