8 Tips for Handling Social Anxiety Without Alcohol

Social Anxiety and Alcohol

Everyone deals with a certain degree of social anxiety from time to time. But while the majority of people are able to get through some awkwardness in order to maintain a healthy social life, others find the thought literally impossible. Around 7 percent of adults have social anxiety disorder (SAD). Many people use drinking as a way to deal with their anxiety, and even cite this as their reason for starting to drink. But ultimately this practice makes anxiety worse and puts users at risk for alcohol addiction and a host of other stress-inducing complications. This is partially why 28 percent of those who are diagnosed with SAD also suffer from long-term alcohol use disorder. Additionally, about 20 percent of social anxiety sufferers also have an alcohol addiction. Because SAD is such a common condition, affecting two to 13 percent…

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More Women Aren’t Getting the Help They Need for Alcohol Addiction

Treatment for Women

More Women Need Help for Alcohol Addiction A concerning new trend shows that women are struggling more than ever with alcohol abuse, but still receiving less treatment for alcohol addiction. According to a study by the Research Society on Alcoholism earlier this year, researchers found that among those with alcohol-related cirrhosis (a serious liver disease that’s one of the most severe complications of alcoholism), women were less likely than men to receive substance abuse treatment. Even more alarming was the fact that the rates of women diagnosed with drinking-related cirrhosis spiked 50 percent between 2009 to 2016. In many ways, we’re living in a modern world where men and women now share many familial and financial obligations. But women still tend to bear the brunt of child care responsibilities and therefore have less earning opportunities, which makes it harder for…

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Five Common Addiction Myths

Serenity Vista Examines Common Addiction Myths Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines the word addiction as a “strong and harmful need to regularly have something, or to do something.” While the definition clearly describes the terminology, it a far cry from what those who suffer from addiction actually go through. Those who have experienced the pain of addiction, either personally or with someone we love, know all too well that the illness of addiction is real, and there are many who do not have a full understanding of what it is, and what it is not. Addiction Myths can be harmful – even fatal. Addiction Myths and misconceptions about addictions are rampant, and the Internet is chalk-full of senseless theories regarding the realities of addiction. That is why we chose five of the most common addiction myths regarding addiction and rehabilitation, and debunk them.…

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