Rehab Success Rates

Rehab Success Rates at Serenity Vista International Addiction Treatment Center

Serenity Vista Success Rates From the Inbox: What is your drug rehab success rate for Serenity Vista…do you have any statistics? Dear Parent of an Addicted Adult Child, Thank you for contacting Serenity Vista to ask about our rehab success rates for opiate addiction. Opiate addiction is epidemic right now, as I’m sure you are all too sadly aware, and is of grave concern as it is life threatening resulting in many deaths. We discuss that issue in a recent article on our website. As for ‘rehab success rates’, we intentionally don’t quote any specific numbers at Serenity Vista alcohol & drug rehab. You may find some centers that quote great numbers with claims like ‘greater than 80% success’, but be wary of what that data is based on. What kind of objective scientific rigor was put into determining those numbers,…

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Drug Rehabs & Treatment Centers with High Success

Drug Rehabs & Treatment Centers with High Success If you scour the internet for drug rehabs and other types of addiction & alcoholism treatment centers you’ll notice countless places bragging about their enormously high success rates. You might see numbers as high as 70, 80 or even 90%. The million dollar question is, what is their definition of success, and how was it measured, and by what scientific rigor? Be wary of claims of treatment centers with high success. Does a high success rate to them mean staying sober throughout the extent of their residential treatment program? Does it mean staying sober for a specified period of time following completion of their program? If so, who monitors it and how do they verify the accuracy? What if they cannot reach past program clients, do they count that as a success…

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