Why Choose Self Pay Rehab

nicotine addiction recovery

Why Self Pay Rehab is your Best Choice Rehab Options I didn’t know that I had any options when it came to rehab.  Gerald Many people are surprised to find out their rehab options. You don’t have to go where your employer or insurance agency dictates, nor where your doctor or addictions counselor, mother, sister, brother or great aunt say you should go. You have choices, and private, self pay rehab is often a significantly better choice, and in some cases, can also be more affordable. Government funded, or Insurance Company dictated programs often are not the best place to get and stay sober. Most of the other people in my rehab were court ordered there. They weren’t very interested in recovery.  Charlene With private pay rehab treatment, your fellow guests are there because they want to be there. In a holistic and…

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Ready For A Life Change ? Change Your Thinking : Transform Your Life!

Carpe Diem Recovery

Profound Life Change   The number one reason you aren’t living the life of your dreams: Your own thinking   The 3 C’s for Life Change Successfully facing the negative qualities of your life requires 3 C’s; courage, commitment, and consistency. If you are ready for infinite growth past your addictive and destructive behaviours, then now is the time! Panama is the place. Having a safe and nurturing place to examine and challenge your old ways of thinking, allows you to transform your life beyond your wildest dreams. Your old ways create chaos, confusion, darkness and fear. It is your time to move into the light, and claim your birthright of freedom and peace of mind. Not just traditional drug addiction treatment or drug rehab center, it is a profound life change that bears delicious fruit. Symptoms of Distorted Thinking What…

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