International Private Rehab

international private pay rehab sailing

What is International Private Rehab? “I’m ready to explore my rehab options. What are they?” First of all, congratulations. Admitting that you need help is, as everyone knows by now, the first step to healing. Alcoholism is the only disease that tells you that you don’t have a disease. “Yes, I am trying to stop on my own. But then, I’m drunk again.  I’m nervous about AA, it doesn’t make sense. I need an immersion process to recover.” Basically, you have 3 options to treat your alcoholism with residential rehab. A little bit about each: 1. Government or Church/Temple Funded Rehab This is a great treatment option for people who have scarce resources. Wait times are usually high, accommodations are usually stark, but hopefully clean. For the most part, staff can’t handle the low pay and high stress of these…

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How to Get My Son to Go to Rehab

Serenity Vista Alcohol & Drug Rehab

A Parental Nightmare: “How to Get My Son to Go to Rehab” Living with Addiction Living with somebody who is addicted to alcohol or drugs can be incredibly stressful. You may even begin to experience a loss of identity because so much of your focus is on the needs of this other person. If you have other kids, you may need to protect them from the addict’s outbursts or erratic mood changes. The question becomes, “how to get my son to go to rehab”. You have been living with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You know he’s crazy sometimes. Sober he is charming and sociable. Perhaps, others only see his lovable side. But in the privacy of his home, among people who love him, he unleashes his insecurities and tremendous self-hate on you. ~ Margaret Joyce – The Turmoil of Someone Else’s Drinking…

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Tropical Rehab: Ten Things That Will Surprise You

When is the best time to go to rehab? Rehab now. Serenity Vista rehab in tropical paradise

Tropical Rehab Top Ten “Rehab.” We know, you’ve heard it all before. But before you decide once and for all that alcohol & drug rehab is not for you, consider these ten surprising facts about treating addiction at tropical rehab in a vacation paradise: 1. It’s fun While it is true that rehab is hard work, contrary to common belief it’s also a lot of fun, especially at Serenity Vista tropical rehab. Find out more about our fun and amazing activities here! 2. It’s friendly  No mean nurses or grumpy doctors here. Only dedicated, compassionate, and extremely friendly staff ready to make you feel at home at tropical rehab and get started helping you recover from addiction. 3. It’s relaxing Addiction and stress go hand in hand, which is why a major healing component at Serenity Vista Tropical Rehab is relaxation-centric…

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Addiction Recovery Fellowship

A Whole New Life   Crossing Over Through Addiction Recovery Fellowship Misery loves company. The same is true of addiction. Surrounding yourself with other people who are using and abusing substances and engaging in unhealthy behavior, creates more opportunity for denial; “I’m not as bad as those guys”. In contrast, addiction recovery fellowship fosters connection and healing. Many addicts fail to make progress in recovery because they are unable or unwilling to severe ties even when the relationships they’re in are unhealthy. They’re afraid of being judged by their current circle of friends, drinking buddies, fellow party-goes, business associates, customers, club or bar pals, and other enablers. When standing at the edge of a major change, it’s only natural to be afraid, whether of the unknown or of being lonely. This is why in the early stages of recovery, many alcoholics…

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Active Alcoholism – Where Will It Take You?

Alcohol will sink you

Active Alcoholism Heads For 3 Destinations Today we know a lot about alcoholism and other forms of addictions. Although some aspects about the disease remain a mystery, we do know this for sure:  alcoholism is chronic, progressive and left untreated, ultimately fatal. Listening to the various stories of thousands of alcoholics, there are definitely some differences in the manifestation of the disease. Many alcoholics report taking their first drink at a very young age – as young as 5, and going back for more as soon as they could. Their active alcoholism began during an age of single digits, and they never really stopped drinking from then – unless they found sobriety. From there they often describe a fast journey into chaos, drinking whenever they could, with all of the accompanying dire consequences. Hearing these types of stories, it seems…

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Holiday Relapse Triggers & How To Avoid Them


Holiday Relapse Triggers And How To Avoid Them   Tips and techniques for staying clean and sober this holiday season The holiday season is a time of celebration, friends, family, and giving. However for recovering addicts, this time of the year can be particularly difficult. Temptations surround us, whether we’re in the mall, at the office holiday party, or at a gathering of our friends and family, Many sufferers of addiction find themselves at a crossroads during this season , facing many holiday relapse triggers.  However, this is the time of year for those in recovery programs and addiction treatment to be more proactive in their recovery process. Giving in to temptation during the holidays (or any other time) will only set you back in your treatment and recovery, making it more difficult to get back on track. Identifying Your Holiday…

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Relapse Before Rehab

Mot Mot Bird at Drug Rehab

Relapse Before Rehab Getting Help To Succeed Like most 16 year olds, I was excited to get my driver’s license. Mom wanted me to take the driver’s ed course, but I didn’t think I needed it. My uncle gave me a few lessons, I read the manual, and I thought I was good to go. First try – fail. Second try – fail. Third try – well, before a third fail, I took mom’s advice and got professional help to teach me how to drive.  This was a valuable lesson that saved my life when it came to my addiction. ~ Francine You know that your addiction has taken control of your life. You are a smart person, and the signs and symptoms of an out of control drinking or drugging problem are getting too big to deny. You want…

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Good Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment – How Hard is it to Get in?

Good Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment – How Hard is it to Get in? I think I may be addicted to alcohol or other drugs. What do I do now? I am scared to ask for help, but I am scared of dying. How do I get into drug rehab addiction treatment? It is almost impossible to live in North America today and not know somebody, or somebody who knows somebody, that has died of a drug overdose or other drug related causes. The press is calling these overdose deaths an epidemic.  For those of us working in the field of addictions, we know this is nothing new. People have been dying of substance abuse related deaths since man first crushed grapes or harvested poppies. While treatment options exist, there is a barrier for many to access good drug rehab addiction treatment. This…

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This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass Recovering from an alcohol, nicotine or other drug addiction is not easy.  In 12 Step rooms you will hear that the program is simple, but not easy. A life time of drinking alcohol or using other drugs to cover up feelings and cope with reality makes living life on life’s terms a brand new skill. One of the tools you can learn about in the 12 Step fellowships, or in a good alcohol recovery facility is the concept that nothing lasts forever. Buddhist’s call it the transient nature of life. Nothing lasts; the only thing that is constant is change. Life on Life’s Terms So, how does a slogan like “This too shall pass” help you in recovery? Well, often people can just plain feel overwhelmed with what life is delivering at any given moment. The unexpected…

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