Winter Blues? Sad? Struggling with Addiction?

Hibiscus flower at drug rehab

Struggling with Addiction this Winter? It’s dark in the morning and dark in the afternoon. The holidays are over and spring is way off in the far too-distant future. It’s cold. This is the season when depression sets in deep. As if compulsive drug use, drug addiction, drinking alcohol and alcoholism aren’t difficult enough, this time of year makes struggling with addiction extra unbearable. Winter blues (or seasonal affective disorder, SAD), pill taking, depression, alcoholic drinking and addiction often go hand in hand. This is also an especially trying time for anyone in recovery to be prone to relapse. Dark and cold days give way to long and icy nights. For anyone recovering or suffering from alcoholism or other addiction, this time of year is fraught with the temptation to try to escape with drugs and alcohol. If this sounds familiar…

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Recovering The Whole Person

holistic recovery

Holistic Rehab- Whole Person Recovery  A life of active addiction takes its toll on a person. It affects the person as a whole. The mental, emotional, and spiritual damage can be devastating. All aspects of a person’s life is negatively affected. Therefore, for recovery to be effective, with lasting results, all aspects of the person needs to be addressed, and heal. A comprehensive holistic rehab is optimal for long term recovery. Good rehab is so much more than just stopping drinking. Stopping is the easy part. It’s staying stopped, and living live on the basis of what life presents, with peace of mind and tranquility. That’s what good, healthy, holistic recovery is about. Abstinence Is Only A Beginning  Simply stopping the use of drugs and alcohol is not enough. You have been through a life-changing experience in addiction. It changed the person…

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Yoga in Rehab

Yoga in drug rehab at Serenity Vista

Holistic Addiction Treatment Includes Yoga   Yoga in rehab while in addiction treatment can help to reconnect you with body, mind and spirit. Having an excellent yoga teacher can make a big difference. An instructor familiar with the 12 Steps and the physical and emotional withdrawal and detox process can guide you gently back to trusting your body. A good teacher encourages and challenges you to do more than you think you can. How will yoga help my recovery from addiction? The 12 Steps of recovery are based on a spiritual understanding of a Higher Power specific for YOU. Yoga is one way to explore spirituality through breathing, stretching and meditating.  The National Council for Alcohol and Drug Dependence (NCADD)  states:  Yoga cultivates bodily awareness in a kind, nurturing way. It allows students to start connecting with the body and…

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Alcohol & Drug Withdrawal Relaxation Techniques

Hummingbird as seen at Serenity Vista Drug Rehab

Withdrawal Relaxation Techniques How withdrawal relaxation techniques can help to soften the stress of early recovery Withdrawal relaxation techniques are an important part of any alcoholism or other addiction recovery program. Practicing proper relaxation methods to supplement other addiction recovery programs can work wonders on the body, especially during times of increased distress. Recovering addicts understand the stress on the body caused by withdrawal symptoms, which affects the body both emotionally and physically. By practicing simple relaxation methods, sufferers of addiction can help to lower their blood pressure, reducing the activity of stress hormones, while increasing their concentration and overall mood. Withdrawal relaxation techniques for early withdrawal symptoms can be easily taught and encouraged by addiction specialists. According to Harvard Medical Center, deep breathing exercises and techniques have been proven to assist those in addiction treatment and withdrawal sufferers by…

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