Top 4 Reasons Why “I Can’t Go To Drug Rehab”

I Can’t Possibly Go To Rehab Now!

no time for rehab

The people that need drug rehab addiction treatment the most are usually the ones that don’t think they need it.  And even if they know they need drug rehab addiction treatment, they often don’t want it. It is scary! The thought of going away and facing the reality of life can be daunting.  Here are the top 4 reasons people give why they can’t go to drug rehab. Let’s look at each one and see if they stand up to the light of reason.

  1. I can’t afford it

  2. I can’t leave my job

  3. I can’t leave my family

  4. I can’t leave my pet


I can’t afford it

If you are addicted to alcohol, nicotine or other drugs, you really can’t afford NOT to get drug rehab addiction treatment.  The costs associated with using and drinking are enormous. First, there is the actual price of procuring the substance. Then there are the collateral financial damages: lost wages, health costs, damaged vehicles, lawyers, damage to property, this list really goes on. The cost of active addiction is really astronomical. Click here to learn more about the cost of addiction.

I can’t leave my job/company

If you are an active alcoholic or addict, you will likely be losing your job or company anyway, at some point. This argument is usually strongest in those that are still functioning at a fairly high level and may still hold a good job. But remember, addiction always gets worse, never better. If you are high functioning and haven’t lost your job yet, wonderful. All the more reason to get help now, before you do loose it. Many companies can provide sick leave, and if it is your own company, you can have someone else manage it, or shut down operations for the rehab stay. Many people are surprised to find out that they are not indispensable and that business life goes on without them while they are in drug rehab addiction treatment. If you are dead, in jail or the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, life will go on without you. Learn more here about addiction in the workplace.

I can’t leave my children/spouse

Believe me, if you are drinking alcoholically, they would most likely rather you weren’t home anyway. The whole family gets exhausted and sick. Without exception, when the addict comes into drug rehab addiction treatment, the loved ones finally feel relief, and often say it is the first time they have slept soundly for years. If you are alcoholic or otherwise affected by addiction, and if you truly love your family, the very best gift you could ever give them is for you to go away and get better! Your children and spouse deserve to have a healthy father/spouse.  Click here to learn more about addiction and family members.

I can’t leave my pet

We understand you love your animal; they are often the only ones that continue to stick by an active addict.  There are many excellent kennels that will take great care of your pet – some are more like doggie resorts.  Family or friends may be happy to take care of your dog or cat for you. We know the value of unconditional love of a dog, that’s why we have a great canine therapist right here! Our loving chocloate labrador retriever will give you comfort. Plus, put things in perspective: would you really sacrifice your life for your pet? And, your pet deserves to have a healthy master, so by going away to get better is truly a gift for your pet upon your return. Click here to learn about choosing a good kennel for your pet.

What’s your reason? Are you ready?

If you are ready for drug rehab addiction treatment, there is always a way. Recognize that often the reasons people give are not valid, although they make a good excuse to keep drinking. Get the help you need, and all the rest will take care of itself. If you continue to use drugs and drink, you will certainly eventually lose all the reasons that you think are stopping you from rehab. Challenge your thinking. See what Serenity Vista Addiction Treatment in Panama has to offer. We can help you with all of your arrangements to find yourself in a luxury, affordable, effective drug rehab addiction treatment center in paradise.

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